Australia: Islamic Council of Victoria says give us some money to fight ‘radicalization’

The secretary of the Islamic Council of Victoria says more money must be allocated in the federal budget for counter-radicalisation programs, that are better targeted and can be rolled out in schools.

The federal government will next month announce the recipients of $1 million in grants for community programs to combat extremism.

It’s understood about 100 applications were received for the scheme, which comes under the $13.4 million Living Safe Together initiative unveiled in August as part of a $630 million national security package.

Seyfi Seyit, from the Islamic Council of Victoria, which is in continuing discussions with Attorney-General George Brandis’ office, and is forming its own counter-radicalisation strategy, said the funding announced in August should be regarded as a starting point.

“While not enough is being allocated and none of that money has actually trickled down to the community as yet, it’s not exactly fair to say that it’s being neglected by the government,” Mr Seyit told AAP…

The problem is not money for fighting ‘radicalization’ — the problem is Islam itself. Muslims need to fix it and they must do on their own. Throwing money at it just encourages more people relying on government funds.

As the managment-speak phrase goes, the Muslims need ‘to take ownership’ of this problem.  The last thing we should do is give them taxpayers’s money.