Australia: Islamic Council of Victoria says give us some money to fight ‘radicalization’

The secretary of the Islamic Council of Victoria says more money must be allocated in the federal budget for counter-radicalisation programs, that are better targeted and can be rolled out in schools.

The federal government will next month announce the recipients of $1 million in grants for community programs to combat extremism.

It’s understood about 100 applications were received for the scheme, which comes under the $13.4 million Living Safe Together initiative unveiled in August as part of a $630 million national security package.

Seyfi Seyit, from the Islamic Council of Victoria, which is in continuing discussions with Attorney-General George Brandis’ office, and is forming its own counter-radicalisation strategy, said the funding announced in August should be regarded as a starting point.

“While not enough is being allocated and none of that money has actually trickled down to the community as yet, it’s not exactly fair to say that it’s being neglected by the government,” Mr Seyit told AAP…

The problem is not money for fighting ‘radicalization’ — the problem is Islam itself. Muslims need to fix it and they must do on their own. Throwing money at it just encourages more people relying on government funds.

As the managment-speak phrase goes, the Muslims need ‘to take ownership’ of this problem.  The last thing we should do is give them taxpayers’s money.

  • pop

    They don’t need money?
    What’s it spent on?

  • Rosenmops

    Nice little country you’ve got here. Give us more money to make sure nothing bad happens to it.

    • Frau Katze

      That seems to be the message.

      • Bill

        When you pay for some process to mitigate a problem, it then becomes almost unheard of for those being paid to actually permanently fix the problem, since the moment the problem is fixed then the money stops. Even if there is no malice involved, this is basic human nature. Social workers claim of being overloaded with work and demand employing more social workers who then discover even more disfunction that, quell surprise, needs even more social workers.

        And then to this basic human behaviour you descend into the hell of Middle East culture, where resources are disbursed from leaders downwards and not based on merit or need, but by personal allegiance to the one disbursing the goods. Each imam so blessed by government payments then becomes more powerful as they can direct money to their favoured followers/projects and reinforce that particular aspect of ME culture.

        Finally, there is the ever present spectre of, “Nice civilisation you have here, shame if something should happen to it.” Once the payments become a regular thing the belief is engendered that these payments are normal and if they were taken away this is going to be considered a hostile action. Add to this the belief of many muslims that they deserve to be paid the Jizya tax by ‘infidel’ governments.

  • Shebel

    Just give them all the boot.

  • J. C.

    Would they settle for free rides back to their sandbox???

  • Martin B

    Let’s see – A jihadist takes hostages at the Lindt Cafe, two Aussie infidels are killed. Government responds by forking over $ 1 million to Islamic councils so they can “combat extremism”. Imagine how much jizya these extortionists will demand if the next domestic terrorist attack down under kills 100 infidels. Or 1000.

    • Xavier

      How many pressure cookers will a million buy?

      • Minicapt

        18,868 @ $53 each for the 6-qt model.


  • edlancey

    Classic Jizya bait and switch

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Jail the radicals, deport the Imams, close and demo all radical mosques.
    Make lists of those that attended these radical mosques over the last year.
    Question all of them.
    If they are the slightest big ‘haughty’, indignant, or uncooperative, deport them AND their entire extended families too.
    Use their clannish behavior and beliefs against them.
    Are they on welfare?
    They promised to stay off welfare when they immigrated (they do in the US).
    Fast track their deportations too, because they broke their promises to stay off public assistance.

    • Blacksmith

      A bit long winded I liked the last sentence the best. 😉

  • Ron MacDonald

    Give them money and it will end up supporting terrorism.

  • Tanya

    How about we give them money to go back to whatever Islamocesspit they came from. A much better use of Australian tax payers funds than setting up terrorist workshops.

    • Blacksmith

      I am sure that if they just loaded them on airliners and flew them to some islamist shithole it would save a lot of money in the long run no matter how many flights it took.

    • Marie Heath

      I am fed up of Islam pushing their way here ! They push a HALAL tax on Australian Companies ……..Extortion to the highest degree money and they want more ??? Mongrels !

  • Gary

    Stop- letting in muslims which will be cheaper because it’s obvious they won’t turn in fellow Jihadists with plots to kill the kafirs for allah.
    Lets see, they get radicalized as they read the quran more often and become devout to follow Muhameds every example.
    So these taqiyyah weasels want money to just turn around and use the SAME quran to de-radicalize them ?
    Sounds like a make-work project for the PR while they groom more Terrorists behind closed doors and keep pretending they denounce armed Jihad and all forms of violence.
    They want us dead, that’s all you need to know and it’s right in the quran that Justin refuses to read .

  • Canadian

    My solution: Give me the money, and stop all beheader immigration.
    I`m happy, and you`re happy.

  • JohnB

    Well it worked for the Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and those frigging Methodists. No terrorist threats from that lot after we funded their de-radicalisation programs which cost us…. absolutely not one cent.

  • Marie Heath

    More Money ???? Is this a joke ??? Better to get rid of Radical Islam first , deport all Radicals ! THEN get the parents of the brainwashed kids to get tough with their own children ……..the idea of Muslims wanting more money is disgusting !!!!! It’s more like a Mafia approach of paying up to be protected in OUR own Country !

  • msgordon

    Give them a free boat ride… One way….

  • Nerrida Wood

    Ummm how about a great big NO and get lost and go away and something else I’d like to say but probably can’t. Why should the government give those cretins any money at all. God it makes my blood boil.

  • Mazza

    They can use their HALAL TAX to pay for it!