Arab News: Two nurses fined for fighting at work

The department of health in Qunfuda has fined two nurses 15 days pay each, and recommended their dismissal for fighting physically at their hospital.

The incident caused panic among staff, patients and visitors at the hospital, according to a statement released by the department. The two had fought over a disagreement while on duty in the emergency section at Therban General Hospital in Al-Ardhiyat.

A committee formed to investigate the matter made the recommendations. This came after a video clip of the incident surfaced on social media.

The department said that the nurses were punished because they violated the code for health workers. It said the incident had been thoroughly investigated by seeking eyewitness accounts from staff, patients and visitors.

The department said that the punishment was “severe” to prevent such incidents from happening again, and that hospitals are meant to be places of care and not violence. It advised workers to exercise restraint and resolve their disputes amicably.

“Arab News” from Saudi Arabia can be quite entertaining at times. (I am not even going to try find the clip, it would be posted in Arabic and I am not very experience in searching for vids.)