America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Connects Smart Machines and Immigration

There are no humans present on the automobile manufacturing floor because robots are building the cars, a growing practice.

Senator Sessions wrote an op-ed published on Friday in the Washington Post where he called for a sane approach regarding the number of immigrants America admits.

He correctly noted that the changing workplace must be taken into account.

When human employees are increasingly being replaced by robots, automation and computers, then the wrong idea of a future worker shortage argued by Paul Ryan and others must be rejected…

  • Dana Garcia

    Senator Sessions is arguably the most astute member of Congress, not to mention his rock solid allegiance to American sovereignty and his concern for the citizens.

    • It’s absolutely the right question to be asking. Look at Canada, mass immigration and a TFW program. This does not add up.

      However like generals I suspect politicians often start out fighting the last war.

      Mass immigration does not raise all boats, in fact it depresses wages for those least able to weather it.

      The bureaucracy gets a new pool of low wage workers to finance their pensions and big business gets lower costs.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    In fact, robots may become obsolete in some areas due to 3D printing.

    • BillyHW

      United Robot Workers?

  • canminuteman

    I worked in the Bramalea Chrysler plant about 12 years ago as an electrician when the were retooling to build the new 300 models. The plant had originally been an American Motors plant way back when. There were two huge cafeterias in this plant, one was no longer used and the other would be busy if it was half used. It was incredible how few people worked there. The had robotic fork lifts that moved parts from the warehouse to where they were needed on the line. This is a decade ago.
    In Oshawa GM employed 40,000 odd people at the peak back in the late 60’s early 70’s. Before they closed the truck plant the two plants employed about 5000 people, I suspect they also built more vehicles. These jobs are never going to come back.
    The vast majority of people are not capable of much more that rote labour, be it strapped to a plow or an assembly line. I have no idea what these people will do in the future. We certainly don’t need to be importing more of them

    • Frau Katze

      Interesting. Thanks for the info.

    • Guest

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    • BillyHW

      Most people are useless.

    • Dana Garcia

      It’s a far cry from Henry Ford’s factories that were beehives of activity. He paid decently so his workers could purchase Ford cars. He had some other ideas that weren’t so great, but worker fairness was a good one.

      • Gary

        There was a bit more to that story because in the 1920’s the Tax rate for those making over $1 million a year was close to 90% which may have prompted Ford to give some to the workers at their tax-rates but in return they come back a buy a Ford with it which then goes back to another worker.
        He did have a problem with rote and the high turn over from it, so he doubled the pay to $5.00 and took the two 9 hour shifts and brought it three 8 hour shifts that gave them a break and one hour less work.
        Ford did have a well organized system that built almost every part of the car so he could fix a price to make a profit based on the cost to build it with no mark-ups on suppliers parts.

        Today, the Government has so many rules and taxes that it’s tough to start a business and for now the japanese Plants export about 80% of their cars South to the USA border states to make a profit. But Obama Care will kill the benefits here for making cars based on our FREE health care because his plan
        is no longer a Private system for profit .

        I think that the large school will be next to go because all we need is a Teacher to give the lesson in a video linked to the home computer like a Webinar session where the kid uses a pc to watch it and they have Tests sent to the email box .
        They are dumbed down as it is and can’t fail any more , so why bother having a huge school to heat and staff.

    • Gary

      The Government just released the bad news that the GM shares McGuilty bought to rescue the CAW members were sold off and the end result was a near $3 billion dollar liberal loss to the taxpayers.
      Oh well, Wynne has taken over and is racing to the $300,000,000,000.00 Debt level and she smiles at the Public Unions and tells them we are rich and they will be getting a huge bag of money when the retire.
      That’s what ENRON told the employees that bought shares at almost $200.00 each and thought they would go higher since they had Jobs-4-life and could sell them upon retirement.
      Poor public employees , the ponze scheme is so good that them haven’t caught on that there won’t be enough money in Canada to fund their $1,000,000,.00 retirement income where they are retired longer than they ever worked .

      The last Canadian Auto Company was in the 1940’s and got bought by GM for the war effort production , it was the McClaughlin Buick and was halted in 1942 and re-open after the war as just Buick. Sam McLaughlin signed a deal with Buick to use their engines in the cars, so once it was bought out it retained the Buick name .
      The Government has made the Auto worker and Public Unions some type of sacred group to be funded no matter what as we see with Ontario buying their votes with raises and a 30% increase in the size of Government with no plans to automate or use the Internet .
      The TTC is just as bad with Employees in the Ticket booth making over $100,000.00 a year while teams of workers are paid to sort out and add up the items in the fare boxes that are obsolete in many Cities.

  • Gary

    What’s worse is that Obama’s 10,000,000+ illegals can’t read or write in their own language and are adults with no expectations to learn English and be productive .