Worthwhile Christian Initiative

Let Pope Francis Initiate Church Collection for Self-Defense Guns for Christian Victims of Islamist Persecution, Suggests St. Gabriel Possenti Society

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Will this finally be the death of that grotesque counter culture perversion known as hippie Jesus?

  • Chatillon

    Jesus of Nazareth taught self -restraint and repentance for lapses from self-restraint. This has been turned by some into a conflation between self-governance and absolute pacifism. This conflation has been encouraged by others, who have absolutely no such devotion to absolute pacifism but merely think it a good thing in those they hold to be their enemies.

    It is no virtue to turn the other cheek when the next blow is intended to be a killing blow. It is still less a virtue to stand idly by, watching the defenseless forced to turn the other cheek.