Whose fault is the jihadi bride? Certainly not her astonishing dad

He blamed the police for his daughter travelling to Syria, never mentioning that he took her to Islamist rallies

Like you, I suspect, I have been terribly worried these last few weeks over the plight of 15-year-old Amira Abase. Amira fled the country on 17 February in order to take up an exciting and challenging position as an in-house whore for the vibrant and decapitating warriors of the Islamic State somewhere in Syria, probably Raqqa. She travelled with two like-minded school friends from the local caliphate of Bethnal Green and not much has been heard of her since. We wring our hands in anguish at the fate which might have befallen this girl. It is of course commendable that she, along with so many other fervent young British Muslim women, should wish to become a jihadi bride. What kind of life would she be forced to endure in the Islamophobic hell of the United Kingdom? As Russell Brand has sagely pointed out, these kids feel they have no future here, they are without hope, innit.

  • Jay Currie

    Wonderful piece. Among other things Liddle, the write notes that the father, as well as being a radical Islamist is also unemployed and has been for years. A recurring pattern with radical Islamists who seem to emigrate to England and immediately down tools and live on benefits.

    The British have a benefits scheme which sounds crazy and open to abuse. Along with trying to deal with with whack job Muslims the English might want to start reforming their benefits system in general and it’s availability to recent immigrants specifically.

    • It has made the doormat of the EU.

    • winniec

      2.6 million Muslims, many of whom are proudly on the dole with plural families supported by the system, and whose children are highly inbred producing 30% of all genetic defects in UK. Over $1 million per genetic illness per lifetime…equals at least £ thousand million per year in costs of defective Muslims to the NHS. Yet they continue to bring more of the inbreeders in. Madness.

      • BillyHW

        Diversity is their strength!

    • BillyHW

      Welfare is immoral.

  • Yessir baconFat

    Russell Brand is a wanker. Every person with a will can guide their future. Their choice.
    If they follow the Koran and believe in the nonsense they have chosen their future. Constant war with all non-believers.

    • Being born into Islam is akin to being born into a Nazi or Communist family, the lucky few escape its clutches.

      • Yessir baconFat

        Very true. Let’s not forget the inbreeding which can cause one mental capacity to be diminished and believe in this crap.

  • MannieP

    {YAWN} Who cares about her. Just don’t let her back into the country. Y’all don’t need any more like her. I hope she’s happy being some schlub’s third wife, brood bitch, and dirty sock washer. Life must be so rewarding!

    • I wish our government would actively encourage them to leave.

  • winniec

    40% of Muslims in UK are certifiably delusional, blaming the UK government for indoctrinating them when children go a-jihading. Of course, Islam has nothing to do at all with Islam. And the head-banging Islam at the mosque has nothing to do with beheading the dirty kafirs…except they do have those 17 daily prayers that curse Jews and Christians. But cursing them is just a PREPARATION for killing them…not ACTUALLY killing them.
    Muslims mostly give lip service to the things they repeat-repeat-repeat in the mosque.

  • n04

    He actually sat before a Parliamentary Select Committee and blamed the Police for not doing enough to prevent his daughter travelling to Syria.
    He told them he had no idea how she was radicalised.
    It turns out he was there in the front row burning the Stars and Stripes outside the US Embassy, along with Anjem Choudary and Michael Adebolajo, who later went on to murder Lee Rigby in Woolwich. He took his daughter several times to Choudary’s marches and we can only imagine what was discussed at the dinner table.
    Any suggestions that this grand arch moron’s benefits should be cut and his stupid ass kicked out are of course met with accusations of Fascism.

  • TotallyPeeved

    I want them all dead. Period.

  • andrew john almady

    I hope they all enjoying anal sex with 20 dirty vermin ridden jihadist every day

  • Norman_In_New_York

    They made their own bed, now let them spread their legs on it.