UQAM student bullies trash school to protest “austerity”

Quebec university students pay the lowest tuition in the nation, thanks to transfer payments from the rest of Canada.

That didn’t stop students at UQAM from holding a “gross, garbage dump style” sit-in, trying to shut down the school and intimidating other students.

These students were protesting “austerity,” without caring about the millions of dollars in damage they caused to their school.

  • mauser 98

    after 60 years of Quebec extortion from rest of Canada this is what you get.
    Ottawa will send more money to bribe,stop their tantrum.

  • WalterBannon

    I have given up complaining about the worthless high cost goldbricking socialist Quebecois and their net drag on this country, and am more worried about the coming storm from Islamic colonization and Jihad. Even if we do some day put a final nail in the coffin of the various corrosive Marxist/progressive political movements, Quebec will still march to its own, socialist drum and with negative population growth. While Islam is rapidly growing to the point where we will soon find ourselves in the same boat as the EU. Marxists want to mostly appropriate our assets, more danger comes from the Muslims who just want to out right kill us.

  • David Murrell

    The student-sickos at University of Quebec (Montreal) are getting hammered in the National Post, but the corporate mainstream media are censoring all stories on their violent student strike. Nothing at all on CBC News or the radical-left Globe and Mail.

    • HalcyonDaze

      Of course CBC won’t criticize a group of radical students who’s education is being paid for by transfer payments from the Canadian taxpayers who have zero say as to how their money is being spent especially, considering it’s exactly the same modus operandi they’ve been using for years to keep their own iron rice bowl afloat. LOL

  • MannieP

    Add an assessment to everyone’s tuition to pay for the damages. Let the innocent students sort out the guilty and punish them.

  • ntt1

    shut down the social scientology courses and send them all home. they are the only ones with the time and political sickness to inflict this kind of nonsense on productive students in other faculties. There are plenty of poli-sci profs supporting this anarchy , fire them all now.

    • AlanUK

      When I was reading Chemistry at a University in England there were 2 groups of students that seemed especially dedicated to what they were studying and almost never got involved with student protests. They were students of Chemistry and Law. Most of these wanted to work hard to get a good degree and a good job. Obviously, there were individuals in other Faculties but these two stood out en masse.
      To that end we had lectures, practical classes and tutorials all day, every day. Wednesday afternoon were free for everyone to enable inter-varsity sports. Of the rest of the time I had 2 free, 50 minute periods. Some of the other courses had far more free time (when they should also have been studying, of course).
      Student protests (but not on the scale shown here) were manipulated by these “Part-Time” students. (Getting in practice for the ‘real’ world?)

      • ntt1

        perhaps a surcharge for potential damages should be added to all the liberal arts faculty tuition fees.

        • HalcyonDaze

          No way, the rest of Canada already pays far to much for these Quebec Students education as is.

        • AlanUK

          Interesting idea.
          Just wait for the screams and destruction of the non-liberal arts faculty buildings.

          • ntt1

            just keep adding the surcharge to cover all repair and cleanup costs. Eventually even the thickest prog. will realize destruction is costing them money .

  • Tear gas.

    Then take off the masks and hand them the bill.