UK – Conservative Election Posters

Ok, the Skinny Pig poster is over the top, but like the one below those pointing out the reality of socialism have in fact proven accurate predictors of what has come to pass in Great Britain.

Note that the Independent, which published this collection under the headline “13 election posters the Tories would prefer you forgot about” is a notoriously lefty rag.

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conservative election poster2

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Damn near every single one of those posters has come true!
    They do need to bring back the “Cat and Mouse Act”, if only because it sounds cool.

  • no4

    Unfortunately the British Conservative party is now completely corrupt and untrustworthy. It’s MP’s are private school boy career politicians whose only interest is to line the pockets of their old boy chums, in the knowledge that they will be handsomely looked after.
    The main part of their scam is the privatisation of Britain’s socialist institutions. UKIP are the real conservative party of the UK, but so far they appear to be a one man band.
    Rome was not built in a day, but at least they have laid some foundations.