‘Tous N’est Pas Charlie’: Not All Are Equal in Eyes of Western Media

After three months, the term “Tous Charlie” [We’re All Charlie] has lost its emotional wave of solidarity and anger, especially when it comes to events that happen outside of the West when the victims are non-Europeans.

The victims of the Garissa attack were Christians, that makes it inconvenient for the MSM.


  • Gary

    Even GLAAD and the other homofascists tossed their Brown gay brothers off the roof outside of the USA as they obsess over white gays not having Pizza after their wedding or a Cake with 2-men or Women on top .

    The islamist bakery will have lost of ovens ready for them and they will eb able to buy gay Lamp shades made from real gays.

  • It is not a surprise given that the popular press has always given lip service to foreign matters and will not address Islamism at all.

    What happened in Garissa already happened in Canada. The massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices was like the Fort Hood shootings and even the September 11th attacks: justifiable actions, not atrocities committed by terrorists. That the popular press sees and accepts this shows one how little the press members can be trusted and how much they deserve to be put out of work.

  • Everyone Else

    Black lives don’t matter, not even for Black people.

    The only exception is for White perpetrators, then all of a sudden, Black lives matter.

    You don’t agree? Where’s Sharpton? Holder? Obama? Tavis Smiley? Where’s a Black leader with access to the press who’s talking about the Garissa massacre?