Pakistan dam builders shot dead in Balochistan

At least 20 workers accused of working on an army-backed dam construction site in the south-western Pakistani province of Balochistan have been shot dead by a large group of gunmen, officials say.

Police say that the gunmen overpowered eight security guards, and shot the labourers on Friday night.

A separatist group said it was responsible for the attack.

Taliban militants, Baloch separatists and other groups fight in the Balochistan region, which borders Iran.

  • When viewed as a whole, Islamic theology creates a dysfunctional society.

    This is a good example. An entire Islamic population group killing each other for the most asinine reasons.

    • Millie_Woods

      Leftist theogony works much the same way to create dysfunctional societies. What started out as a modest project to help the poor has morphed into the degenerate state of affairs we have in the western world today. Think open borders, ‘free’ healthcare, single parent families, social justice as opposed to actual justice, welfare state, environmental fascism, gun control, affirmative action, the obsession with abortion….and the list goes on.