Limbaugh: Guthrie showed ‘open disrespect’

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  • barryjr

    Rush eff off you idiot. Rand Paul was a douche bag yet again and got called for it. If the moron is going to lose his temper this early what would happen if he ever did become President and got mad? I don’t know why these idiots think any of the Pauls are all that, they make me think of Tim Hudak or Adrian Dix.

    • He will not be President.

    • Una Salus

      From what I heard Rand Paul handled himself quite well. Putting a reporter in her place the way Paul did is not losing control it’s taking control.
      If you accept that version of events then you might as well accept the whole narrative and let the media frame all of the debates like Romney.
      That’s a losing strategy and demonstrably so.

      Have a lot of issues with Paul but this isn’t one of them. Kudos to him.

      • barryjr

        I understand the media is hostile very well. If you saw the interviews you would know what is being discussed. You don’t hold your finger up to your lips and tell an adult to shush like you would a three year old.Rand Paul was condescending and showed absolutely no respect, these people may be hostile and out to get you which is even more reason to pick your battles. If you fail to understand that the media controls the narrative you have no business playing in the big kids sandbox. I watched the interviews,I’m sitting at home so I have the tv on in my office all the time, even Megyn Kelly took him to task and he was an overbearing condescending a$$hat with her. Rand Paul deserved what he got and Rush is proving the left has always been right that he’s an overbearing blowhard. Watch the interviews and ask yourself, would I talk to an adult like that or want an adult to talk to me like that?

        • Una Salus

          Yeah, I’ve seen it and it’s pretty tame. Rand Paul didn’t show any less respect to Guthrie than she showed by constantly talking over him.
          Guthrie is a little girl BTW but she wouldn’t thank you for your chivalry.

          Megyn Kelly is a blowhard stooge in the mold of Oreilly who is as bad as Sharpton when it comes to feminist issues.
          Of course the media is going to gang up on him. A lot of RINO media clowns on Fox will fall into line because they’re trying to play ball with the other side that despises them and they want to give their own favourite RINO candidate an advantage.

          It’s just sad and pathetic and it turns people off.