Iran: Christians barred from holding Easter celebration in churches in northwestern city

church-iranIn the latest repressive measures taken against religious minorities in Iran, Iranian Christians in a northwestern city have been barred from holding Easter celebrations in churches.

On Saturday, the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (police) sent threatening letters to churches in the city of Urumiyeh warning them against holding gatherings for Easter celebrations.

According to the directive sent by the force’s Office of Public Building, Christians have only been allowed to hold Easter celebrations in their homes.

Barring Iranian Christians from holding Easter celebrations is considered unprecedented in Iran – even under the mullahs’ rule which has been ranked one of the world’s worst nations for the persecution of Christians…

Most Christians in Iran are Armenians, many arriving after killing started in 1915. Generally, they have been not oppressed. I would curious to know if these were Armenians or converts. Converts, of course, are savagely oppressed, but the authorities might be extending things.

h/t Jihad Watch