Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and the Coming Culture Wars

According to media reports, on Sunday Hillary Clinton will announce she is running for president. That hardly comes as a surprise, and for Republicans, it’s not anything to fear. Mrs. Clinton is hardly a formidable candidate. She showed that in 2008, and she’ll show it again this year and next.

Mrs. Clinton’s husband is a man of extraordinary political talents; she is a woman of completely average political talents. She can come across as grating, programmed, inauthentic, and barely “likable enough,” to quote Barack Obama. She’s conspiracy minded and a fabulist. Her last presidential campaign was badly mismanaged. Her public career has been characterized by secrecy and ethical violations, including her outrageous (and lawless) conduct surrounding the withholding and deletion of her emails as Secretary of State. She is also likely to be the nominee of a party that is utterly intellectually exhausted. And for good measure, she was the key foreign policy figure in what is arguably the worst foreign policy administration in American history.

  • Reader

    Since I know you all are huge bluegrass fans here is a song for American voters

  • no4

    If she ends up as President, then “The West” is completely screwed.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      She won’t.

  • Jason

    Granma Clinton is dishonest, bland and uncharismatic, but she’d probably just do a moderately awful job of things. I don’t think she’s talented, bold or smart enough to *really* mess things up. Obama would still win out as the worst president ever.

    • no4

      That would also have been a perfect description of the current incompetent.

  • kkruger71

    I honestly hold very little hope for the next U.S. election, the left hold far too much of the culture and media for any average Republican to win. I am usually against the concept, but really I think the Republicans are toast for the next while until they actually find someone that has all those intangibles that help make someone a historical level character. Not just intelligence, but a lot of charm, personality, wit, and “good looking”, things that play well on camera no matter how the stories about them are spun.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I think they have that in Ted Cruz.

      • kkruger71

        Honestly I’ve been a bit too busy this last year to really look much at the likely candidates yet.

      • Minicapt

        But …
        1. He was born in Calgary;
        2. And where is PM Harper’s riding?
        … connect the dots.


        • Justin St.Denis

          Only the dottiest see dots where there are no dots. Cheers.

  • No Bush. No Clinton. 2016!

    Is that redundant?

    • JoKeR

      The Republicans are never going to have a Presidential/Vice-Presidential combination, like that in 2000, that appealed to all.

      • Dave

        Are you nuts?

        • JoKeR


          With the slate of George Bush and Dick Cheney, you either like bush and or you like dick, which covers pretty much the whole population! 🙂

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            like dick

  • oldguy

    When you understand Obama is an empty suit for the far left, then you understand why the left themselves are gunning for Hillary. They shot her down in 2008 because she, fancying herself as royalty and hence untrustworthy was taken down by an unknown Obama. They cut her up then and I bet they will do it again.

  • G-d have mercy on the world and prevent this horrible woman from winning the US presidency! OMG 8 years of Obama Hell is bad enough! Please don’t sentence us to four or eight more years of Clinton Hell!