European ISIS fighters who are seen as cannon fodder by their commanders desperately try to prove their worth by committing the most sickening atrocities, says former prisoner

Westerners fighting for ISIS are taking part in a sickening circle of violent one-upmanship in order to prove themselves to commanders who consider European militants little more than cannon fodder.

Ranked well below battle-hardened foreign jihadis from warzones such as Chechnya and East Africa, the Westerners believe ultra-violence is the only way to make their name in Syria and Iraq.

This would partly explain why so many Western extremists are eager to take part in the terror group’s sickening propaganda releases, such as the seven savage filmed beheading videos featuring depraved British terrorist Mohammed Emwazi, also known by the name Jihadi John.

  • ntt1

    If nations can now prosecute for extra territorial sex crimes ,as indeed they should, then surely we can ensure these monsters are never given any safe haven in the world except for their grave,. Once again follow the Israeli lead in pursuing and prosecuting murderers

  • Dana Garcia

    Funny how Islam’s utopian propaganda doesn’t work out when actual humans are inserted into the mix.

  • Disgusting.

    Everyone of these thugs has to be destroyed.

  • Minicapt

    Being rated as less than an Arab Desert Warrior must be humiliating.