Egypt confirms death sentence for Muslim Brotherhood leader

An Egyptian court confirmed death sentences for Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and 13 other senior members of the Islamist organisation on Saturday and jailed a US-Egyptian citizen for life for supporting the group.

The ruling by Egypt’s Grand Mufti, the country’s senior Sunni authority, ratified the death sentences handed to Badie and other leading Brotherhood figures in a court decision last month.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Egypt can thank Obama for this mess.

  • no4

    This will go down well with the natives.
    How long until Egypt joins Libya and Syria into chaos?

    • ntt1

      I m not sure if they will, it seems that arabs can only be ruled by fear . It is the lack of fear that causes Arabic uprisings, not crushing oppression in fact they seem to prefer it.

      • no4

        Assad and Gaddaffi both ruled by fear. Look what good it did them.

        • ntt1

          Assad is still in power although I suspect not for much longer and Gadhafi ruled for over twenty years. the mullahs in Iran do not rule by gentile leadership nor does any other Arabic leader. Sisi has just returned Egypt to how it was.

          • no4

            Thankfully the Tehran mafia and the Riyadh mafia think of each other as worse than the Jerusalem mafia. Their little turf war in Yemen will be very interesting to watch.

      • andrew john almady

        what we need is more people like Saddam to keep the motherfuckers under the thumb

  • Xavier

    Obama will pardon him. He has a pen and a phone.

    • Censored_often

      He just might fly to Egypt, give a long nauseating speech in Cairo, praise the koran every opportunity he has, and talk about the *gasp* *cough* great and wonderful contributions made by Muslims from the American Revolution onwards.

  • cmh

    i hope fahmy gets the same….or life

  • BillyHW

    It couldn’t have happened to better people.

  • Maggat

    A step in the right direction. Like a cancer it must be excised.

  • Surele Surele

    can’t say I have any sympathy