Cherson & Molschky: Immigration: Good or Bad?

…The answer is paradoxically simple: It depends on where the immigrants come from. The USA not was created by some “immigrants” in general; America was created and made what it is by immigrants from EUROPE; British, Irish, Germans, Italians, Scandinavians, Polish, etc. They were people of similar mentality and of similar faith. And this mentality and this faith came to America with them. They did not come to America to make it something radically different from Europe, and the difference between the US and, for instance, Switzerland, is much smaller than the difference between any European country and, let’s say, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, or, for example, Somalia.

A normal approach to immigration is: does this immigrant or group of immigrants contribute to the development of the country- or he is a burden?

Take Finland, for example. In general, immigration drains about 700 million Euros out of the budget of this country each year. But if we compare the results of immigration by country of origin, we shall see that an average German immigrant adds about 5,000 Euros to the Finnish budget yearly. And an average immigrant from Somalia every year takes 8,000 Euros out of it. What’s the sense in accepting immigrants from Somalia?…