British Muslims blame POLICE and MI5 for radicalising teens who want to join Islamic State

MORE than a third of British Muslims blame the police and MI5 for the radicalisation of young people who support extremists, a new poll has found.

A survey of 1,000 British Muslims found that 39 per cent held the British authorities accountable for the brainwashing of younger generations, while only 29 per cent disagreed.

The research also found that one of four had sympathy for those who travel to war-torn Syrian to fight alongside terror groups such as Islamic State (IS).

But sympathy for those leaving the UK to join the terrorists was highest among female Muslims.

According to the survey 11 per cent of women agreed they had “a lot of sympathy” for the likes of IS militant Jihadi John, compared to 5 per cent of men.

Notably in a polling of 1,000 non-Muslims, one in seven also expressed sympathy for those who travelled to fight or become jihadi wives.

The result follows claims last month by campaign group Cage that MI5’s attempts to recruit Mohammed Emwazi – unmasked in reports as Jihadi John – as an informer that led to him becoming radicalised.

  • barryjr

    Muslims remind me of the crackheads in town, always somebody else to blame.

  • winniec

    Islam has nothing to do with Islam. Islam only preaches peace through totalitarianism, inbreeding and pedophilia. Everyone agrees with that.

    The 19 Arabs who perpetrated 9-11 were ACTUALLY brainwashed by Mossad.
    The young Muslims from Britain were ACTUALLY brainwashed by MI5.

    • Zaba

      certifiably delusional= ‘devout muzlim’

  • moraywatson

    Anything which attempts to thwart the supremacist ascendancy of allah’s wittle woehammedans leads to radicalization.

  • Zaba

    muzlims: playing victim whilst twisting the knife in the kaffir.

    • Gary

      It sounds like islam is setting the stage for more terrorism in the UK which they can link to this protest march to prove that MI5 and Police provoke them into doing it
      I really getting sick of the 98% of muslims that either support ISIS/hamas ISIL/BOKO and others , or , are closet supporters with their tacit approval by the silence to protest terrorism and keep claiming it’s a few bad apples.

      The whole damn Orchard should be torched because there seems to be only about 2% of the harvest that are good apples. I’d like to hear just 1 Imam tell us which islamic or Muslim nation has those 99.999999% peaceful muslims that reject violence and just want to work and pay taxes .
      It’s now pretty pathetic that some muslims wants us to feel good when we meet one that doesn’t want to kill us , but that’s where a Moral Bar starts and goes up while the Quran’s Moral Bar starts at killing jews and Unbelievers even if the Taqiyyah weasels try to pawn off a Verse that doesn’t have hate at it’s core.

      The paranoia and denial among the majority of muslims makes islam dangerous and a threat for the 6,000,000,000 humans that don’t see muhamad as a prophet and must now live with the fear of being murdered by those bad apples just because the alleged 1.2 billion peaceful muslims have neither the will, nor brains to seek out those bad apples and boot them from their mosques or show them the peaceful side of the quran.
      Zero in a Nuke on Mekkah and give Muslims 6 months to stop this BS and beheading of babies and children as a favour to allah, if they refuse and stay in the denial stage they will see mekkah turned in a sheet of glass . Medina will be next .

      • Surele Surele

        paranoia is an integral part of such a regimes/movements. Nazis and communists come to mind. They would denounce their own shadows, it they could.

  • tom_billesley

    It’s our fault they hate us.

  • roccolore

    Muslims; “Ha durka durka muhamad jihad, we hate police and MI5. Uh, can we have some police to protect our terror mosques and pro-jihad rallies?”

  • Mickey Oberman

    Someone should release a jar of fleas in that crowd.

  • I would say the mainstream media have a large share in the blame, considering how much time and effort they spend making Islamists look cool and with it.

    • Surele Surele

      And creating all kinds of excuses as well.

  • no4

    They are brainwashed from birth to spend every waking moment wallowing in self pity.