Because Every Craftsman Needs His Own S.A.W.

M249S S.A.W. - Squad Automatic Weapon

M249S S.A.W. (Squad Automatic Weapon) Now for the Home!

The M249 Machinegun, Light – or as it’s more affectionately know by its traditional ‘customer base’ as the S.A.W. (Squad Automatic Weapon) now seems to be available for pre-order preview from the fine people at FNH (makers of fine quality weaponry) with an expected shipping date of Autumn-ish 2015 launch*.

Obviously this is the semi-automatic variant, and not the full “Rock ‘n Rolla” model as enjoyed by many western militaries, but when the zombie apocalypse occurs, you and some basic gunsmithing ability can make this rifle so much more than it already is. That, on-top of the promised/anticipated parts interchangeability with its more ‘militarized’ cousins will make scavenging any future battlefield for “spares ‘n parts” much more rewarding.

No firm word on price yet (or even possible export restrictions to our friends in the Great White North), but expect to pay between $3,500 – $5,000 [edit]$7,500 retail, which sounds like a lot, but you can’t put a price on “FREEDOM!”

*Please check with all relevant law enforcement agencies of appropriate and competent jurisdiction before ordering any ‘scary black rifle’.