Shorter Kathleen Wynne: Whole World Is Homophobic & Out To Get Me!

Wynne is going off the deep end.

Premier Kathleen Wynne suggests a confrontation with hundreds of raucous anti-sex-ed protesters in Mississauga late last month may be politically motivated.

Her bodyguards were rattled, but Kathleen Wynne insists she was unfazed by a tense confrontation with hundreds of raucous anti-sex-ed protesters who jostled and shouted her down in Mississauga late last month.

But what truly bothers the premier is her belief that such protests may be politically motivated — orchestrated by federal Conservative activists profiting from parents’ fears in order to boost their own partisan ambitions in a “despicable” way.


Says the woman who made a close adviser of a child molester.

Here’s the vid of Wynne being shouted down by parents concerned over the grooming guide authored by her pedophile adviser.

  • Clink9

    “Despicable”. Like a woman bringing in a new (same)sex partner into her house with three children and kicking her husband into the basement.

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • Microaggressive

    That means Homosexuals are political activists and Wynne admits it.

  • Frau Katze

    Getting pretty aggressive, aren’t they? For some reason the link doesn’t work (at least for me). I check the HTML, it looks fine. iPad thing?

  • eMan14

    When you can’t argue your point. Bring on the conspiracy. Blame others. A perfect Liberal.

    • Absolutely, the woman is a consummate shit.

      • WalterBannon

        that’s not how you spell communist

      • Justin St.Denis

        A skanky shit? A shitty skank? I am torn…

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘Interviewed Friday in her Queen’s Park office….. ‘

    Was the Star’s interview with Premier Wynne before or after her latest visit from the O.P.P?

  • BillyHW

    Michael Coren loves the new sex ed curriculum.

    • DMB

      Michael Coren had only one appearance on The Rebel. I am curious why he hasn’t made anymore. When this so called “gay outrage” occurred over gays not served wedding cakes, pizza in the U.S. broke out Michael Coren was condemning the Christian based businesses while continuing to claim he is pro Christian. Meanwhile Ezra Levant who is not a Christian was openly coming to the defense of the Christian businesses for not serving gays.

      • Gary

        Michael went though a sudden change to appear as if a Lawsuit threat forced him to drink the Kool ade and read from the GLAAD handbook where everything is a Human Right.

        I took a very firm stance on many issue dealing with the PRIDE parade Nudity around children, along with the pro-hamas group that was in the guise of a FREE Palestine.
        I didn’t have as much to lose as Michael does , so it only cost me my job at a Bank that brought in a new Policy tied to employment where I was forced to embrace the PRIDE parade even with that Child-abuse TNT nudity and QuAIA thugs which endorses the hamas murdering of gays by-proxy via Sharia law .

        The QuAIA fascists claim they made their point and it was time to close it down. But that’s BS because the new Anti-Terrorism laws make them complicit in supporting ISIS/Hamas inside Canada which is what I argued 5 years ago in my Human Rights Complaint against the Bank that would make ME complicit in child abuse and the Homophobic murdering of gays under Sharia law.
        The bank pretty well gave me the finger and said it’s their Policy for Diversity in the new Society of inclusion , their lawyer didn’t seem to understand the damage and bad PR .
        Ironically , the Public Sector Unions have Pension funds that hold Shares for many of the Corporation that Sid Ryan and CUPE love to bash for the Homophobia and high profits from exploiting employees.

        Go ahead and think I’m crazy , but look at what the Homofascists did to the CEO of Mozilla that got him FIRED just because he agreed with Hillary and Obama on Traditional Marriage back in 2009.

        the Human Rights Commission sided with the Bank because their support for an event with a group that refused to condemn hamas murdering gays did not have a direct affect on me in the workplace and it was a issue for the Labour Laws not a Human Right for freedom of Conscience.
        Reason #263 to get rid of this money pit that currently shells out money to gays and Muslims with hurt feeling at a higher rate than the Disabled , plus awarded $30,000.00 to an Immigrant that alleged he was called a Gypsy by a Coffee shop owner.
        Support Murdering gays – OK
        Call someone a Gypsy – you’ll pay.

        • DMB

          You sound very principled and courageous individual. I hope good things happen to you particularly in your employment situation.

  • WalterBannon

    Wynne should not be allowed near children

    • Justin St.Denis

      Including her own, from what I hear…

    • Gary

      Did you see that quasi child-abuse Christmas card Wynne sent out that had her and that manly hubby with three children that I doubt were their biological kids.
      I took a guess that the one dressed like a boy was a girl and the one in girls close was the boy or a they were trans kids .

  • Allan

    What a stupid skank. She thinks she knows better how to raise kids than parents. Typical leftist agenda. Get hold of the kids when they are young and you have them forever.

  • Gary

    It now makes sense for why CAMH wants to normalize pedophilia as a mental health issue where it’s not a crime until a child is harmed so that the Police will stop hounded people like Levin for viewing and producing kiddie porn.
    The Human Rights Commission will one day force the Police to NOT target some child-abuse and exploitation based on only photos of children .
    The TDSB and Pedophile/Predator Teachers must have had a hand in the homoerotic Sex-Ed that is a ruse to actually groom kids and reduce the Criminal Cases against Teachers since the students will embrace pedophilia and sexual advances by Teachers.

    Currently, the fact that the Toronto Police refuse to enforce the new Federal Laws to protect children when they are on duty at the PRIDE parade and see naked males with frontal nudity on Yonge Street ….. pretty well shows a link to the TDSB, CAMH, Liberal Party, Ben Levin and a push to force the Adult2Child romance and sex on Society as a Human Right .
    All these years we heard how better the World would be once the White oppressive Christian were pushed out of power and the Minorities got the Power.
    So , how does all that Social Justice and Equality look to you with a Christian/Jew- hating anti-White racist Black President in the USA and our Lesbian Premier that promotes pro-hamas jew-hating child-bride friendly Mosques in Public school along with pushing homoeroctic sex in school.

    The big shock for the current Fascists will be in the future when the Alpha-Fascist groups come along and take charge and has THEIR boycotts and thought control that will be far more oppressive deadly .