Sentences in Via Rail terror plot not likely until July, court told

“…Esseghaier, who represented himself at trial and did not defend himself because he opposes the Criminal Code, is determined not to participate in his sentencing either.

“Regarding the matter of sentencing me, I am not concerned about that,” the Tunisian national said in court. “The process of sentencing is conducted under the Canadian laws and not under the laws of God which are contained in the Holy Qur’an.”

Esseghaier noted that he only agreed to speak with an officer preparing a pre-sentencing report because he wanted to “invite people to God.”

“That’s why I am in the courtroom, because I want to invite people,” he said. “There is not a contradiction in my behaviour.”

Crazy Mo’s cohort Raed Jaser is seeking a psychiatric assessment prior to sentencing, he’s sane enough to try every trick in the book.

To be honest I am amazed that Esseghaier was found fit to stand trial, he is Islame.