Muslims execute ten doctors after they refused to treat wounded members of ISIS

Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq have savagely executed 10 doctors who refused to treat wounded members of the terrorist organisation.

A photograph taken in the battle-ravaged area 15 miles south of the extremists’ northern Iraqi stronghold Mosul captures the moment fighters killed several of the doctors with a bullet to the head.

ISIS jihadis are understood to have been fighting local groups in the Hammam al-Alil area when several of them sustained injuries requiring medical treatment. When the doctors refused on the grounds they do not support the terror group’s activities, the men were brutally murdered.

  • Editor

    How many of these pictures will we have to see before this “islam is the religion of peace” lie loose traction in the main stream media? There is no such thing as moderate islam. There are these guys and the complicit, silent rest of islam.

  • David Murrell

    Notice that the Daily Mail picked up this story. Needless to say, the establishment media cartel will refuse to report this latest atrocity. Must not make the Islamic State look bad to their audience.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I guess ISIS will have to send its wounded to Israel, since Israeli doctors honor the Hippocratic Oath.