BC terrorist Nuttall says he only wanted to target kafirs

An image from a video believed to be recorded by, and showing, terrorism suspects Amanda Korody, left, and John Nuttall.

John Nuttall has the look of a scolded schoolchild, hanging his head while an undercover police officer chastises him for not being invested enough in his terrorist plot.

Video taken in June 2013 and played for a B.C. Supreme Court jury on Wednesday shows the accused terrorist apologizing for failing to fine tune his plan to an officer posing as an al-Qaeda liaison…

Nuttall floats ideas for targets — a strip club, a gay bar, a ferry between Vancouver Island and Washington state, a visiting U.S. aircraft carrier — before concluding that pressure-cooker bombs would be faster and easier to build than homemade rockets.

“Get the stuff,” the officer tells him….

…In a recording taken while Nuttall, Korody and the officer were en route to Kelowna, Nuttall also mused about setting off a couple of pressure-cooker explosives in a Victoria shopping mall to serve as a distraction.

He suggested to the officer driving the vehicle that they place the explosives in a garbage can near the urinals in a men’s washroom to avoid killing women and children, as well as followers of Islam.

“Muslims would be in a stall,” Nuttall said.

“We don’t stand up to pee like a dog. Therefore we’d only be targeting kafirs,” he added, using the Arabic term for infidels or unbelievers…