Islam vs liberalism: the classroom’s silent Culture War

Last weekend’s National Union of Teachers conference confirmed that schooling, subject to conflicting ideological and cultural pressures, has lost any sense of common purpose. It has also lost a sense of what it is to socialise children. Indeed, if the motions debated at the NUT conference reflect wider trends in teaching, it seems socialisation has turned into a caricature of itself.

Take two of the motions debated and passed at the NUT conference. The first asserted that government should be ‘forced’ to portray gay relationships in a positive light. It called on teachers to put pressure on the government ‘to make it compulsory that all schools’ sex-education policies include a positive portrayal of same-sex relationships’. The second motion asserted that teachers should be able to avoid class discussions of Islamic extremism. The justification for this, as NUT general secretary Christine Blower put it, is that ‘some of our members are frightened to discuss things in class because they are worried that if there’s any discussion that they will have to report this to the police’.

h/t Marvin

  • ontario john

    And of course Wynne is all excited today as she discusses her new legislation to force gay alliances in schools.

  • Glenfilthie

    The public school system has long been a liberal moron factory and will continue to be so as long as the teachers’ unions are allowed to control it. If you leave your child’s education in the hands of a bunch of entitled unionized pooch screwers – you will get what you deserve.
    It is crucial that we as parents talk to our children and tell them the truth about moslems, homosexuality and socialism. The sad fact is that the people teaching our kids are little more than children themselves

    • winniec

      Disagree. The teachers reflect the values of our society, rather than create them. The ‘morons’ you refer to are probably at your workplace and members of you family. Look around. Canada has a lot of voters who like Justin the Shiny Pony. They are like lemmings not seeing the danger of the cliff.

      • Glenfilthie

        Just so much buck-passing. They are supposedly professionals but they bargain collectively. My in-laws are both teachers, both liberal progs and their values do not reflect those of our society. So I suppose you’re right, these particular morons are in my family but by no choice of mine. I’ve seen the laziness, I’ve seen the mickey mouse coursework they do to get their degrees – and public school teachers reflect the values of people that are lazy, stupid and degenerate.
        And – a little FYI to you Winnie – Justin Turdo is a teacher too. Coincidence? Methinks not.

      • El Martyachi

        I think it’s reasonable to consider that classrooms aren’t supposed to be battlefields in a long war. My version of the-way-things-ought-to-be keeps that sort of thing mainly within the realm of elected officials and absolutely most certainly away from children. This is apparently not a popular opinion.

  • winniec

    Cultural Marxists are so eager to destroy Western Civilization that they are BLIND to the hatred Islam cherishes against liberalism.

  • When the Greeks became preoccupied with decadence, the time was ripe for the Romans to conquer. The same thing happened to the Romans. When people stopped focussing on what to put up their bottoms and expanded their knowledge of the world, society progressed.

    See a pattern there?