ISIS Kills 25 Police Officers and Soldiers in Iraqi Province of Anbar

BAGHDAD — Islamic State fighters launched a heavy attack on government-held territory in Anbar Province late on Thursday and on Friday, killing 25 Iraqi police officers and soldiers, and then executing 15 family members of local police officers, according to Iraqi officials.

The attackers overran large parts of the town of Albu Faraj, just north of the provincial capital, Ramadi, less than two days after officials in the province declared that they had begun an offensive against the extremists to the east of the capital, police officials in Ramadi said.

A convoy of police reinforcements sent to Albu Faraj was attacked by a suicide bomber, wounding Maj. Gen. Kadhim al-Duleimi, the Anbar Province police commander, the police sources said. They spoke on the condition of anonymity as a matter of official policy.

The attack began late on Thursday but was continuing into Friday afternoon, they said. Officials were still trying to determine how many of those who had been brought to a hospital in Ramadi from the attack in Abul Faraj had died.

Also on Friday, two bombs went off in Baghdad in the morning, according to an official with the Ministry of Interior, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to give information to the news media…