Ignorance As Opposed To Daily Onslaught Of Unspeakable Islamic Barbarity Taints American View Of Muslims Says Mohammedan

Yes, it’s very ignorant of us all to note the daily persecution of religious and ethnic minorities in Muslim states, the beheadings and mass murders, the honour killings, child marriages and sexual mutilation of women and girls, the murder of apostates and gays, the hate for Christians and Jews and indeed other Muslims that spews from countless Mosques, the hate that resides at the very core of Islam’s “Holy Books”, the frequent assaults on our values and society committed by Muslim settlers who have no intention to integrate but rather seek to impose the hell of Islam on us all etc etc etc…

Yea, we’re all just ignorant rubes alright.

  • Gary

    I think the problem is that the Muslims in denial trying to do dawah for their Religion Of peace are upset that the News is covering the true islam externally and making it look bad inside Canada and the USA .

    They are caught between Iraq and Hard Place because if they leave islam the quran sanctions murdering them , then there is the issue that if they tell the truth that the terrorism and beheading of babies IS islam ….. it’s blasphemy and they are also killed for that.
    This is how a Death -Cult works by recruiting people with a veneer of peace and love , next once the hook is in them they find out they are in the Roach Motel where they can check in but can check out.

    Enough of the PC BS and bogus hate-Speech charges for those that cite the quran to expose the jew-hatred and goals for the Global Caliphate ruled by Sharia in a gay-free Planet with all the homosexual killed off.

    • Guest

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    • No doubt the penalty is high, but the identification with the cult is strong, akin to blood.

  • Millie_Woods

    Islam is using the same path to total dominance that the left did. The education system, the press and media, the entertainment industry, the political system and civil disobedience (accompanied by the underlying threat of violence, both real and perceived). Until we learn to undo the things the left has done we’re fighting a losing battle. And don’t count on the left to help in a fight against jihad, because they hate us more than they fear Islam. We’re in a tough fight on two fronts.