Fort Hood shooting victims receive long-delayed Purple Hearts, may still have to fight for benefits

Shawn Manning

Victims of the 2009 Fort Hood terror attack finally received their long-delayed honor on Friday at a Purple Heart ceremony in Texas — though they may have to keep fighting to get military benefits.

Nearly 50 survivors lined up at the ceremony held at Fort Hood on Friday, and all were given either a Purple Heart or Defense of Freedom medal for their injuries. The ceremony was years in the making, as the U.S. government initially described the attack as mere workplace violence, and not terrorism.

But the medal, while long-sought, may be symbolic.

At least one survivor told Fox News ahead of the ceremony that the Army has so far denied him any benefits, and his fellow servicemembers are likely in for a similar struggle.

“It sounds like there’s going to be some more fighting ahead of us with the Army, at least in regards to benefits,” retired Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning, who was shot six times by Maj. Nidal Hasan, told Fox News on Friday. He explained the Army is not defining the injuries as combat-related.

“I think it’s almost unheard of for someone to receive the Purple Heart but not have their injuries classified as combat-related,” Manning said.

Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning – Denied medical and disability benefits

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  • cmh

    the democrats have gutted the US military….. and in Canada we have to have the cops guard our military LOL

  • Martin B

    And all this because Obamugabe didn’t want to admit a domestic terrorist act happened on his watch so he called it an Act of Workplace Violence.

    • Gary

      Obama is an islamophile that wants to believe that islam=Peace and that he didn’t waste his youth in a death-cult that now tosses gays from roof tops.
      All he can do is try to excuse away islamic terrorism by going back about 1000 years to find some Christians that did bad things , but the muslims today use the quranic verses and muhamads life for the actions where the Christians in the past acted from their own perception of a duty and NOT by obeying the order from jesus in any of the verses.

      it’s getting pretty pathetic to hear educated muslims in denial that keep claiming the islam=peace.

      • mauser 98

        Obama considers himself above all religions.too good for them. dips in to one or another when convenient .

  • Hard Little Machine

    Non combat injuries aren’t eligible for the same pension and benefits. Many of the victims were impoverished by Obama’s refusal to call this an act of terrorism.

    • Frau Katze


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      What a sick/selfish man Obama is. What a horrid thing to do.