Don’t be a sukuk for this scam…

Islamic finance in Canada? It’s a con.

Remember the name Omar Kalair, he’s been linked to missing gold and the Blood libel Mastercard.

  • cmh

    Pointe De Bascule is the best muslim investigative agency in Canada. We should thank god we have them shining that bright light on the cockroach named islam. The reason that Kalair has not fled Canada while on bail is because he would be executed in any islamic country he tries to refuge in.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Ammonium nitrate fertilizer … $50 (I’m guessing).
    Batteries … $20.
    Wires … $15
    Timer … $25
    Meeting the 72 virgins … PRICELESS.

  • Great expose. By the way, Yaldaz Sadakova, the journalist who promotes those Muslim financial scammers, is a Bulgarian Turk. She even worked for Press TV. The Turks in that country (there are over 700,000 of them) have always promoted the interests of Turkey and now many of them are working for Iran or Saudi Arabia. There have been recently at least two trials in Bulgaria against groups of radical imams. It’s no wonder she is so “selective” about the facts – just another case of multicultural Muslim enrichment in Canada.

    • Gary

      It’s a multicultural thing .
      I remember when back in the late 1980’s there was a car dealer in the Agincourt area that catered to new comers from India and pakistan .
      They promoted them selves as selling cars to ” One of their kind” for the best deal. But it was a scam to exploit new comers and brainwash them that white canadians will screw you over and are racists.

      The AD they ran on late night TV said that they sold cars BELOW the factory invoice price that was really the MSRP posted on every window by law except in quebec.
      Almost every Citizen knew that you never paid the Sticker price for a common low-end car because of the mark-ups to Options and built in profit for some that is around 10% . That’s why the dealer tries to sell all the Protection packages and extended warranties .
      All those people had over paid for their car just by assuming that they would get a good deal from one of them from back home.
      I also remember a car dealer boasting about their best prices for quality used cars which was a scam as well because they got caught having their employees turn back the odometers or replacing the dash unit with one from a low mileage car that was in the wreckers from an accident.

      I have a relative that was a sucker for those Get Rich Quick schemes and often had a long story to borrow money from me that I never saw again and learn from early when it was only $200.00 and not $20,000.00.
      If I found a way to make 20% return on an investment , I would want my relatives to get in on it and not run some AD that makes other people wealthy while my grand mother eats cat food.
      Imagine scuba diving and finding the keel of an old wooden ship
      with a chest full of 200 lbs of gold and gems. Why the hell would I send emails to people in Nigeria and promise them 20% of the gold if they send me $20,000.00 to buy a boat and get the gold to a buyer and deposit their share in a bank account so i don’t have to pay all the taxes.
      I’d get two buddies and rent the equipment to get the treasure and cut them in for 10% so I get 90%.

      So when you hear some guy on the radio promoting Gold or Diamonds, ask them if their Mother invested in it to show if it was so great deal or too risky for his relatives but great for the suckers .