Barbara Kay: Thou shall not bear false witness … except against men

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism has released a 12,000-word report on Rolling Stone magazine’s infamous November 2014 article, “A Rape on Campus.” Infamous because the shocking University of Virginia gang-rape narrative, written by longtime investigative reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely, was exposed as factually unsound while the pages were still warm from the presses.

  • Editor

    Rubin Erdely set out to write a story that fit the trendy “rape culture” canard and her own bias and no pesky facts were going to stand in her way. Her insulated journalism world must be such an echo chamber that she probably didn’t even think her story would be vetted.

    • Martin B

      And it wasn’t, so she was right.

  • Mass teaching of hate toward men in feminist studies classes is the cause. You simply cannot have “professors” teaching young women that “all men are rapists, ‘all sex is rape” and worse, without creating a group of females who hate men.

    All college “identity” classes revolve around a similar idea. Someone is responsible for some “concocted injustice”. The end result of these classes intellectually balkanize society and leave it worse off.

    Typical social program. The end result is worse than the supposed problem.

    Time to pull funding for social hate classes.

    Students who have “degrees” in these worthless programs, should demand their money back.

  • Gary

    Look at how Naomi Klein got play for a sucker by the men-haters when back in 1989 the suicide Jihad mission by Gamil Gharabi that killed 14 female students in Montreal as a favour to allah was blamed on Misogyny by the 49% of the population seen as potential killer from birth.
    But how odd that while women have the highest rates for infanticide and killing children where the majority of the women are related to the victims , the Human Rights Commission under Barbara Hall thought it would be good for 2 women to adopt children or be the parents that doubles the risks to the child for being murdered by the mother.

    Strange days in deed, or is that strange DAZE in deed.

    The CBC and Klein still blame the slaughter on all males and not the pro-sharia jihadist that did it for allah.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I have a feeling the litigation fallout will bury Rolling Stone. Good.

  • richfisher

    Bob Ewell was right ?