Australia: Vegemite had the perfect response to a vicious campaign over halal certification

Over the last few months there has been a nasty food war being waged on the internet over halal certification…

…Halal food is certainly big business, worth around $1.5 trillion annually and it’s a growing export opportunity for Australian producers.

But companies like Kraft, which owns the great Australian spread Vegemite, have been copping a fair bit of abuse, and recently decided to act, responding in a deft and classy way under the hashtag #SpreadTheLove.

It’s a product that’s both halal and kosher, and even vegetarian.

And now it’s banned snarky comments from its social media sites, announcing on Facebook that:

While we enjoy a bit of banter as much as the next breakfast spread, anyone who insists on posting comments of hate, religious vilification or unwarranted grumpiness will be removed from our social media pages. So, no matter how you spread your Vegemite, remember – we’re just here to ‪#‎SpreadTheLove‬.

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With apologies to Mamba.