Australia: Vegemite had the perfect response to a vicious campaign over halal certification

Over the last few months there has been a nasty food war being waged on the internet over halal certification…

…Halal food is certainly big business, worth around $1.5 trillion annually and it’s a growing export opportunity for Australian producers.

But companies like Kraft, which owns the great Australian spread Vegemite, have been copping a fair bit of abuse, and recently decided to act, responding in a deft and classy way under the hashtag #SpreadTheLove.

It’s a product that’s both halal and kosher, and even vegetarian.

And now it’s banned snarky comments from its social media sites, announcing on Facebook that:

While we enjoy a bit of banter as much as the next breakfast spread, anyone who insists on posting comments of hate, religious vilification or unwarranted grumpiness will be removed from our social media pages. So, no matter how you spread your Vegemite, remember – we’re just here to ‪#‎SpreadTheLove‬.

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With apologies to Mamba.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “Tastes great on Yazidi!”

  • It all depends on how they slaughter the yeast, yo.

    (Okay, okay, I’ll change it. Give me a few hours, I have to find an avatar I like.)

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      That was funny!

    • I like your Vegemite avatar jar.

      • Would you believe I’ve been trying to change the bastard for half an hour and it just won’t let me upload a new picture?! Am I retarded or is Disqus pure evil? I don’t get it.

        • Clink9

          I got one.

          • Don’t taunt me, I’m in a very bad mood.

          • Am I a flamingo? Do I look like a flamingo now?

          • Why not an actual Black Mamba?

          • Revolting.

            And yet I cannot turn away.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I had to eat rats during my military stint. No reminders if you don’t mind.

          • Justin St.Denis

            OMG! I had not noticed until now. You are most un-flamingo from what I can tell. Why, you are not even avian/aviary. I’m thinking more that caterpillar atop the mushroom smoking the hookah in Alice in Wonderland. Would that fit? 😉

          • Clink9

            I deserve to be punished.

        • Frau Katze

          Pure evil. One fine day a few weeks ago, Word Press decided it wouldn’t let me log in (although I had never logged out). BCF had to create a new WP ID.

          But now, WP doesn’t recognize the new ID anywhere but on this site.

          If I want to enter comments on a site with WP comments, it rejects the new ID.

          Then last night, BCF told me about an WP App for phone and sure enough there is also one for the iPad. I downloaded it and you can guess what happened next: it rejected the new ID.

          You cannot play around with it either — if you make too many failed attempts to log in it locks you out for several hours.

          So I can’t use it. Since it is free service, there is no one who could help me about why if failed in the first place.

          That was, I believe, the 4th ID/password problem I have had in the last few months.

          • Gary

            I think the plan is for the School to pump-out students that can’t Write , this way , they rely on the Internet and have a poor language skill I now coined as ” Twitteracy ” where it’s phonics along with a short attention span limited to 140 Characters .
            The TDSB will soon embrace ” Twitteracy ” and toss all those dead white poets in the garbage while the Human Rights Commissions force Employers to have Twitteracy friendly work spaces free of nay old style proper English.
            Once again , all the old people over 40 will be let go as part of the problem in that oppressive racist society and pro-reading culture that needs to to purge from the Corporations.
            But then in the future the illtwiteracy rates will keep out non-citizens and it too will be replace with European type Sign& Symbol language for button to be pushed along with grunts and twitches , this, in a World where no one speaks any more because it excludes some people that don’t understand it which will be used to justify burning all the books that represent that oppressive racists culture of the 20th century.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Especially dictionaries, I would imagine. 😉

          • I hate computer stuff. I realize that people who are at least somewhat good with computers think that people like me, reasonably good with “humanities” etc., are somehow boasting when we say that computers are horrifyingly incomprehensible.

            Well, geeks, not me.

            Any idiot can read Dickens. If I could do it again I’d a)specialize in biology and/or b)learn to fly planes.

          • Frau Katze

            But I worked for decades as a computer programmer. Almost of all that time was spent on mainframes. In the last few years before I retired I did a bit web programming.

            I hated it. A huge amount of extra code is required to support the web interface.

            The real problem: The programs are full of bugs. A program that could maintained by one person on a mainframe would require several if it was on the web. Before I retired, they were on their 4th or 5th attempt to rewrite a mainframe applicants on the web. They’d been at it for years.

            The mainframes have been around for a long time and the bugs are gone. I only had to worry about my own bugs.

            As to prove my point, I started entering this comment on the iPad in the Disqus box. Part way through, Safari crashed. I lost what I typed, and I am now typing this on a note app that comes with the iPad. Then I will copy it to Disqus.

            The bug could be either Safari or Disqus. Another example: I have an online subscription to NYT and they have a new program for logging in. It seems to have decided to force everyone to log in again.

            Yesterday, it crashed Safari on the Mac. That’s pretty bad. I’ve seen a bug that did that on the Mac. I sent them an email. No response.

            Today I tried again. It crashed again. But this time it crashed after the login was done.

            I sent them another email. I’m not optimistic.

            It’s just bugs, bugs, bugs. I couldn’t stand it.

          • El Martyachi

            That way you could fly a planeload of anthrax into Microsoft HQ… hypothetically.

      • I will miss him.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir


    To adherents of the Koran?!

    Talk about exercises in futility.

    Naive fools.

  • I will not spread it on anything.

  • cmh

    how can something be truly kosher and halal at the same time? it just can’t

    • Justin St.Denis

      Anything vegetarian is both kosher and halal. Jews know this because they are not stupid. Muslims need a little halal symbol on jars of Vegemite, which is vegetarian, because…

  • Uncle_Waspy

    I said “Do ya speaka my language?”,
    He just smiled and gave me a Vegimite sandwich

  • winniec

    Spread the TAQIYYA.

    Spread the hot, steaming piles of taqiyya.

  • winniec

    The halal tax forces the DIRTY KUFAAR to pay for their own enslavement. Muslims laugh at the kufaar for being such dupes while they mock-heroically accuse them of ISLAMOPHOBIA!!
    How can the jihadists keep a straight face?

    • Justin St.Denis

      There is no fun in islam. Laughing is haram.