Aid agency to launch controversial mission to rescue trafficked migrants in Mediterranean

Médecins Sans Frontières was at the centre of an immigration row on Thursday after announcing plans to launch a controversial new search and rescue service for people-smuggling vessels in the Mediterranean.

The aid agency said it would be operating a 40 metre rescue and medical aid ship that would act a part-replacement for operation Mare Nostrum, the Italian navy’s search and rescue mission that was discontinued in November after European nations said they could not fund its £6m-a-month bill.

At the time, Britain also said it believed that carrying out search and rescue operations was simply encouraging more migrants from Africa to attempt the perilous crossing, which claimed 3,400 lives last year alone…

“Europe has turned its back on people fleeing some of the worst humanitarian crises of our time,” said Arjan Hehenkamp, MSF’s general director. “The decision to close doors and build fences means that men, women and children are forced to risk their lives and take a desperate journey across the sea. Ignoring this situation will not make it go away. Europe has both the resources and the responsibility to prevent more deaths on its doorstep and must act in order to do so”…

…However, the project is likely to run into opposition from anti-immigration groups in both Malta and Italy, who say that search and rescue operations encourage further people trafficking. Both countries have born much of the brunt of the new arrivals, and say that they are struggling to accommodate more…

  • Oracle9

    So instead of trashing the rest of the world, maybe the Western nations would think of doing something at the source. Well… on second thought we can see that the will is not there. We are not the generation of our fathers.

    • DD_Austin

      Sorry to break it to you, but our fathers governments were just as blind,
      spineless, stupid and corrupt as ours are, thence WW1 and WW2
      and our current WW3

      You’d have go back to the 1850s and Palmerston to see true leadership.

      • Oracle9

        The society at large understood the difference between good and evil. The governments, not so much. That is until reality hit home.

        In the First and Second World War millions signed up. Now everyone on the street is bleating about an ‘exit strategy’ (code word for intention not to win).

    • Justin St.Denis

      Thank Gid for that! Speaking as one with a military background and a degree in military history.

      • Oracle9

        So you would rather we sit back and do nothing?

        Some say “war, what is it good for – absolutely nuthin’. No sane person wants war, but it does serve a purpose, and such slogans will ensure that our clamor for tyranny will be fulfilled.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Your “response” is so chock-a-block with presumption and assumption that is merits no response. Off with you now! I’m too busy to bother with pests.

          • Oracle9

            How ‘progressive’.

  • MannieP

    Torpedo their ships.

  • ontario john

    Target practice!

    • Guest

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  • Dana Garcia

    Return to sender.

    • Frau Katze

      It worked for Australia.

  • andrew john almady


    • mobuyus

      Please do not call sharks “BLODY NIGGERS”.

  • no4

    The frogs will have to build a bigger refugee centre at Calais now.
    These clowns won’t rest until they have let everyone in and given everything away that we have worked to build for centuries.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Y’know what? I actually don’t think ascribing animal or amphibian labels on other nations’ populations really informs any serious debate. We can talk about historic French cowardice quite effectively without using a “frog” reference. Ditto the references to Mongols as “mongoloids”. Truth can spread, but so can ignorance. It is your choice what you plant, of course. 😉

      • Minicapt

        “Gorf”- backward Frog. Often, tradition is good,


      • no4

        I shall contact all my friends in New Zealand and inform them that they must immediately stop referring to themselves as “Kiwis”.
        I shall write to the Australian Rugby Union and tell them to stop calling themselves Wallabies, and to the Australian Rugby League that they must immediately desist from calling themselves “The Kangaroos”.
        When I have told all my South African buddies that they may no longer refer to themselves as Bokke in my presence I will sit down to some lovely Rosbif with Yorkshire Pudding.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Honestly, I thought it would be fairly obvious that if a group CHOOSES to name themselves as such, that is different. Please note what I said, not your interpretation thereof. Have a lovely day.

  • WalterBannon

    what happened to our supply of torpedoes

    sink them all

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Mine the harbors of embarkation.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I’m not judging anyone, and just as an academic exercise only, ‘anyone have any ideas or methods to deal with this via methods that would not also have been rejected by the Nazis as either impractical, ethically “iffy”, or environmentally unsound?
    I’m just curious.

    • no4

      The Australians have detention centres in the remote outback, and offshore in New Guinea, Nauru, and Christmas Island. Illegal immigrants have to escape their jail and then a hell of a journey to make it to an Australian city.
      Once landed in Italy, illegal immigrants are free through the Schengen agreement to go anywhere in Europe and claim refugee status or to live as illegal aliens.
      They need to be shipped immediately back to as far or further from whence they came. Straight back to Libya, or maybe an all expenses cruise to Angola.
      But of course this would be against their “human rights.”

    • El Martyachi

      An eco-friendly spray-foam network of land bridges across the Mediterranean… Germans could engineer … they could be called Aquabahns.