Top Saudi mufti reportedly issues fatwa allowing starving husbands to eat wives

Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority has issued a fatwa allowing a starving man to eat his wife in order to save himself, causing a stir among the Kingdom’s residents, London-based daily al-Quds al-Arabi reported.

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, according to the report, said that the act would display the wife’s obedience to her husband and her willingness to become one with his flesh.

Saudi Twitter users quickly took to the social network to express their shock at the strange fatwa attributed to the Grand Mufti, al-Quds al-Arabi reported.

Following the report Saudi media accused Iranian media of fabricating the fatwa, noting that the fatwa was not on the official’s website.



Here’s the link to the original article – see pic above.

Does anyone else find it odd that the al Quds paper is published in Britain?