Outrage in France over ‘Roma-only’ bus service

A union representing bus drivers in Montpellier, southern France, has sparked outrage after it proposed the creation of a separate bus service for Roma people following complaints about the “unbearable” smell.

  • The Goat

    They can call them diversity buses.

  • Dana Garcia

    Mexico City has women-only buses because of piggyman behavior, and the women were pleased to be able to ride without being groped.


    So the idea is not without precedent.

  • edlancey

    They should get a clapped-out bus, fill it with siphoned gas and have it drawn by an old nag to give it that authentic feel.

  • Another positive side effect – that may ease the gypsy pickpocketing problem.

  • Ron MacDonald

    They should install hidden cameras on them so we can watch gypsies pickpocket each other.

    • Petr

      Can you imagine pickpocketing several people and leaving only with your own wallet that you pickpocketed from the last guy, because all the other ones were pickpocketed form you.

  • Petr

    A few terms commonly used for gypsies in Czech republic:

    Enrichers …. as in “cultural enrichment” from the multicultural creed. Gypsies act as perfect inocculation agains muticulturalism, nasty enough to make people imune to the “cultural enrichment” BS, but not nearly as dangerous as muslims.

    Magnets …. metal items (sewer lids, drain pipes, signposts..) just dissapear around them (usually to magically appear sold to the nearest scrap yard)

    Invisibles … form the propaganda commercial that depicted working gypsies as invisible (accusing the majority that we do not see them working … it kind of missed the point, because they are usually not working, but it became part of the pop culture). Right now it is used when media do not show the photo of the perp in crime reports – thus they must be really invisible to the newsies.

    Youths …. usually used by the media, but quite the confusion for foreigners (especially French) who expect “Youths” to be muslims, but we do not have enough muslims to warrant a special label from media when they commit crime (Thank god and all the saints).