No International Amnesty for the Palestinians

Amnesty International does not have a good track record in a fair and reasoned approach to Israel. So its recent report lambasting Palestinian attempts to slaughter Israeli civilians marks a surprising change. Could this be a new start, or will Obama and the EU just ignore inconvenient truths?

A senior White House official, who had perhaps recently seen the film The Godfather, was heard to remark,‘’It’s not personal, it’s strictly business,” when commenting on the attitude of the US administration towards the Israeli Prime Minister.

One might accept the administration position if President Barack Obama had taken “yes” for an answer when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu retracted his statement that a Palestinian state would not be established during his tenure.

Using imperial language, Obama said in an interview with the Huffington Post on March 25, 2015, “We believe that Netanyahu meant it… Instead, ‘we’ need to reconsider the options available to us to ensure that we do not see further deterioration in the region.”

Those options might involve United States approval of the Palestinian Authority’s intention to bring charges of war crimes against Israel to the International Criminal Court. This is indeed a moment to review the situation with all its trials and tribulations.