Florida police say Marc Wabafiyebazu talked about previous drug robberies

I don’t get this. They lived a privileged lifestyle.

  • Stronger than Dirt

    Has she been recalled and demoted for allowing her diplomatic plates to be used to commit robbery and murder ?

    • I am not sure what her current status is.

      • Stronger than Dirt

        She’ll probably be …promoted.

    • Guest

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  • Everyone Else

    Here’s why: Smart white lady marries sexy black man with two kids. The kids’ comportment seems iffy, but smart white lady thinks she can handle anything.

    Smart white lady is sent off to be Canada’s ambassador to Zimbabwe. Kids learn to do who knows what in Zimbabwe. The parents get divorced.

    Smart white lady moves back to Canada where the black kids continue to find trouble. White momma takes posting in Miami, maybe hoping the kids would behave better as part of Miami’s Haitian ex-pat immigrant/refugee community.

    No such luck. The lady diplomats’ kids take her diplomatic car (and sense of invulnerability) and go look for trouble.

    They find trouble, and naive smart momma questions the wisdom of some of her life choices.


    • Doug Kursk

      Ottawa police have a few unsolved crimes they will be revisiting, no doubt.

    • Sad tale. That kid may well be gone for life.

      • c w

        Agreed, the State of Florida is not a respecter persons when it comes to major felonies. The Grand Jury decision will be very interesting. I hope someone informs the State of Florida to resist returning this fellow halfway through his life sentence back to Canada, because here, he will get a Liberal Party Nomination or a Liberal Senate appointment alongside Omar Khadr.

  • Martin B

    Aaron Hernandez signed a $ 40 million contract with the NFL.That didn’t stop him from wanting to show everyone what a big bad gangsta he was. Now (hopefully) he will rot in prison and never see the light of day again. I glanced at the Twitter feed of the Wabafiyebazu boys when this story first came out and it was chock full of posturing thugishness straight from a bad rap video. Now one of them is dead and the other one will have lots & lots of time to show all his fellow inmates what a big bad gangsta he is.

    • Stronger than Dirt

      He won’t be able to fart after 6 months.