Oops… 70 per cent of murdered aboriginal women killed by indigenous men, RCMP confirm

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson has confirmed assertions by Canada’s Minister of Aboriginal Affairs that 70 per cent of the aboriginal women who are murdered in Canada meet their fate at the hands of someone of their own race.

Mr. Paulson’s decision to back up statements by Bernard Valcourt comes after several chiefs said the minister should be fired for blaming aboriginal men for the tragedy, a position they dismissed as unsubstantiated and demeaning.

Mr. Paulson wrote on Tuesday to Bernice Martial, the Grand Chief of Treaty Six in central Saskatchewan and Alberta, who was among the native leaders to express concern, saying the RCMP has not previously released information on the ethnicity of the offenders in the spirit of “bias-free policing.”

Well, there goes the narrative…

But tell me how does feeding the leftist, faux native victimhood agenda that the evil white-man was responsible aid “bias-free policing”?

And the CBC who pushed hard for a Grand Inquisition into this mess, is busy tonight talking about Killer Robots & Mike Duffy

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I could have swore it was straight, white, Christian, male, tourists from America killing all of those women.
    We can still blame ‘the racism’, so there’s that.

    • Yes the Natives internalized the white man’s racism and that made em go Manson on their women folk.

  • eMan14

    What, no apology?

    • Oracle9

      I have yet to hear a leftist even make a comment when their hypocrisy is exposed, let alone make an apology. It’s the disease.

    • moraywatson

      An apology would be “waaaacist”!

  • lolwut?

    In BC all the posters showing victims of Robert Pickton have all the white women he killed left out.

    The women and native groups are trying to paint an evil white man hunting native women narrative despite the fact that Pickton wasn’t targeting native women,
    He hated junkies and more then half of the women he killed were white.

    They are literally trying to rewrite history, the media even ignored the videos
    of Pickton saying why he did it… He stated very clearly during a police interview
    he was targeting junkies because he hated them, nothing about race.

    That 70% number is probably low also, the ones that are unsolved are very likely native men also.

  • Gary

    Right, and most of the claims of spouse abuse and misogyny to muslim women is caused by fellow muslims .
    But in the new world of PC thought control, we have protected Groups that can’t be blamed for their short comings so the crisis is treated just like the farce for AIDS where it was everyone’s problem and not a gay male issue.
    So AIDS goes up for young gay men , muslim honour killings are up 400% and one a year since 9/11 thanks to Diversity and denial.

    Once you understand how Liberalism is a mental disorder , that whole mess makes sense and you will sleep better knowing there is nothing you can do and it’s better to focus on your future and what you have control over .
    It’s now risky to speak up about islamic homophobia outside of canada where thousands of gays are murdered by the quranic sanctioning of it. It’s better to stay quiet and let ISIS toss queers from buildings and get used to GLAAD going after a Mozilla CEO for his view on Marriage that was the same as Obama’s and Hillary’s in 2009 as 1-man/1-women which got the CEO fired but got Obama re-elected and maybe Hillary Elected in 2016.

    Fighting for gays rights outside of Canada is no longer the hill worth dying on in canada because not even gays here give a damn about Black or Brown gays being murdered in the ME .
    The real crisis is the rights for Dykes to go topless on the streets or the Pizza at a gay wedding dinner.

  • moraywatson

    You can have “policing” or you can have “bias free policing” but you can’t have both.

  • andycanuck

    I’d put money on it that it’s more like 90%+ but they’re only counting “treaty Indians” with cards and not Métis or non-treaty Indians.

  • Progressive Liberal

    Those “70%” of aboriginal men were only driven to it by the centuries of oppression by the eurocentric cisgender imperialist patriarchy.

    They aren’t responsible. It is white society that is completely at fault for all the deaths!

  • New Centurion

    Was this a surprise to anyone with half a brain? It’ll be interesting to see how aborginals and their confederates in the MSN massage the “whitey is at fault” mythology into this relevation by Mounties. I’m throughly disappointed, but again not entirely surprised that the RCMP surpressed this information, all in the name of politcal correctness. So much for getting at the truth.

  • ArentIpretty

    Somehow either the evil white man or the evil Jews will be responsible for this.