Wynne’s plan is cap-and-tax

If Premier Kathleen Wynne prices industrial carbon dioxide emissions by setting up a cap-and-trade market in Ontario, it will be a disaster for taxpayers.

It will be a bigger disaster than the Liberals’ green energy fiasco.

And that’s saying a lot since former auditor general Jim McCarter said in his 2011 annual report that the Liberals had introduced renewable energy so incompetently, that taxpayers and hydro consumers will be paying billions of dollars more for electricity than they otherwise would have, for decades to come.

The Liberals will claim cap-and-trade isn’t a carbon tax. Don’t be fooled.

God help us, the Liberals are putting together another scam.


  • Observer

    No, no. Kathleen doesn’t really like you.

    That hand in your pocket is to snatch your wallet!

  • ontario john

    You must be homophobic.

  • CodexCoder

    And when there are no more working class people with jobs, and the wealthy have all left the province, what will pay for the pension benefits of the police, teachers, and all other provincial unionized employees? Oh yes, the rest of Canada.

    Politicians are irresponsible because the average citizen doesn’t care about being lied to, and robbed blind until they can’t have their IPods, HBO, beer and holidays (and any number of other luxuries). They don’t turn out to vote because of the argument, “What difference will that make?” and then have the nerve to act surprised when the ruling elite passes legislation that curtails those luxuries even more. If a politician lies even once, they should be gone – because past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior and if a bad behavior is not punished, it becomes acceptable and repeated. Just look at the Senate…

    I voted Conservative even though I told my local MPP that they had no chance of being elected as the government, and Tim Whodat was not a winning choice. I did that because showing up and voting is the only way I have to stop the Liberals. I knew that if the lying Wynne won, we would all lose. I have a small business and I would leave the province if I could. I love Ontario, but the nanny state and its stupidity is killing this province. I would love to cut up the Liberal credit card.

  • Clausewitz

    Brings to mind the idea, “That if the government were in charge of the Sahara Desert, there’d be a sand shortage in six months”.

  • mauser 98

    …death spiral

    “Cap-and-trade is actually worse than a carbon tax because of its lack of
    transparency and potential for political corruption, market
    manipulation and fraud.”

  • And yet people will still vote for them.

    I glanced quickly at this and thought it said “crap and trade”. It makes sense either way.