Well integrated London Muslima admits posting 45,000 Tweets supporting ISIS in less than a year

A woman posted tens of thousands of Tweets supporting ISIS which included pictures of dead bodies and encouraging children to arm themselves with weapons.

Alaa Abdullah Esayed, from south London, uploaded 45,600 tweets in less than a year.

Some of the messages she posted between June 1 2013 and May 14 2014, included pictures of the corpses of fighters killed in Syria which she uploaded to her Instagram account.

Her tweets also included a poem ‘Mother of the Martyr’ which advises parents how to raise a child to be violent with weapons and learn jihad.

Esayed pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to encouraging terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2006 and disseminating terrorist publications.

She could face up to 14 years in prison for the offences.

The 22-year-old posted around 127 messages a day to her 8,534 followers.