#TheCrossing demonstrates Greenpeace hypocrisy, cowardice

Two questions: When will Greenpeace undo the damage they’ve done to the environment, and why did they target a relatively small, heavily regulated company like Shell — rather than a huge, unregulated oil company based in Saudi Arabia?

  • Everyone Else

    “In 2014, the annual revenue of Greenpeace was reported to be about €300 million (US$400 million) … has a staff of 2,400 and 15,000 volunteers globally”

    With single year revenue at US$400 million (equal to Canadian $500 million), that means that Greenpeace is essentially a billion-dollar multinational meddler.

    1. They’re not responsible to voters or shareholders, and apply their immense pressure wherever their dictators feels like it.

    2. The main goal for their stunts is publicity. They pretend it’s publicity for a cause, but it happily coincides with the marketing of Greenpeace to donor foundations and individuals.

  • Gaian

    I usually like Ezra Levant but boy has he got this rant screwed up. He even showed a video of a Japanese whaler ramming (and destroying) the Ady Gil (an experimental trimaran) :

    Levant seems purposely ignorant of the manipulations of the US government in allowing oil drilling in the arctic off Alaska.

    Greenpeace is doing what it does. They have done no harm to the foreign oil rig and only brought attention to what they consider a problem. Perhaps Levant should focus his wrath on the junk wind developers who are invading Ontario and destroying the environment, communities and lives of the people there. Greenpeace is just a sideshow.

    • I will look into this.

    • Minicapt

      Perhaps you should have watched the clip with a measure of understanding and comprehension for the context of the various scenes. The screw-up was not Ezra’s.
      And Greenpeace is a $400million sideshow? Perhaps you are uneasy about your contributions to its causes.