State Regulators to Urge Informants to ‘Rat Out’ Water Wasters in California’s Democrat-Induced Drought

The Democrats brought on this so-called drought, with their devastating environmental policies going back to the 1970s.

And now government bureaucrats are urging residents to become informants and “rat out” water-wasting scofflaws to the state’s enforcement regime. We’re quickly becoming a replica of the Soviet regime under Joseph Stalin, where every Soviet citizen had “the moral duty to inform the organs of power about all known instances of the theft of state and socialist property.”

  • DMB

    California has received one of the highest population growths of any U.S. state yet they are not located anywhere near any major source of fresh water such as the great lakes. Meanwhile Israel has faced similar challenges to California and has overcame their problems through desalination of sea water. Its time California did the same.

    • Millie_Woods

      But some of the desalinators have to be Californicated gay or trans. Cisgender desalinators are so…….well Jewish. And they have to be wind and solar powered

  • Jade

    So true. Delta smelt will live while our framers are restricted of water. Planters, pickers and the price of all food will go sky high. Trillions of gallons of water are flushed into the ocean because of the smelt.

    • Minicapt

      The water “flushed into the ocean because of the Delta smelt” is the water which keeps the Sacramento River delta desalted and useable for agriculture.


  • barryjr

    Read the book “The Cadillac Desert” and learn about California and the lack of water. If it wasn’t for questionable damming practices and outright water theft none of southern California would exist as we know it. Who cares if they dry up and blow away in the wind serves you right for living in a desrt.