Spain: Gypsy Groups Protest ‘Swindler’ Dictionary Definition

MADRID — Spanish groups representing gypsies have launched a campaign to remove a reference to them as swindlers from the world’s benchmark Spanish dictionary.

The country’s Gypsy Secretariat Foundation and others delivered a protest letter Wednesday to Spain’s Royal Language Academy, which produces the definitive Spanish dictionary.

Foundation spokeswoman Pilar Calon says the effort attempts to raise awareness of discrimination against gypsies, also known as Roma.

The dictionary’s most recent 2014 edition lists “swindler” (“trapacero”) as one of its definitions for “gypsy” (“gitano”)…

How about a campaign to improve your culture which is deeply criminal. Help yourselves and stop whining.   The entire Western world is full of whiners.  Improvement only comes when the people involved are determined that they want it.  Cosmetic efforts like this do nothing.