Palestinian gets all stabby – shot dead

A Palestinian youth stabbed two Israeli soldiers at a road junction in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday morning before being shot dead.

One of the injured is a 20-year-old who was reported to be in a serious condition with a neck wound and was taken to a Jerusalem hospital by helicopter.

The incident took place at about 10am in the northern West Bank.

A second soldier, also reported to be in his early 20s, was lightly injured in his back and is reported to have shot dead the Palestinian.

  • just a thought

    As long as cowardly Israel foolishly refrains from asserting legitimate Jewish claim to JUDEA and SAMARIA, the world will continue to falsely call it “the occupied West Bank.” And every terrorist we kill in self defense will just give them one more excuse to try to extort OUR Land from us.
    Not only must we defend ourselves, but aggressively assert our rights. If we don’t, no one else will.

    • Alain

      Bang on!

  • MannieP

    Fortunately, no one was killed.