Memories Pizza Re-Opens Today

The pizza parlor owners who received death threats and were subjected to an online hate campaign will reopen for business tomorrow with the backing of $842,000 from well wishers and a defiant message that they stand by their opposition to gay weddings. They were going to open today but were advised to hold off for security reasons.

In an exclusive first interview inside Memories Pizza restaurant since it closed down last week, owner Kevin O’Connor and daughter Crystal emerged from hiding and told Daily Mail Online they had been heartened by the support of 29,000 people who donated and many more who wrote to them.


Stalingrad for the Queermacht

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    A Gay Gettysburg?
    A Stuffed Crust too far?
    A Waterloo for ‘woofters’?
    The ‘Butt Bandit’s’ Battle of Blenheim

    OK, OK, I’ll stop!

    • Pizzageddon for Poofters?

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        A Carthage for Carpet Muncher’s

        • Surele Surele

          Couldn’t help yourself, could you? Good job (jab?). Wish I came up with those.

  • Surele Surele


  • Brett_McS

    Let’s not forget it was that ‘reporter’ who lit the Blue Touch Paper and set this off.

  • Gary

    Looks like the islamofascists are giving the homofascists tips on financial terrorism to ruin a business and use the ………Phobic label by inserting the prefix Homo .

  • mauser 98

    good for O’Connors

  • andycanuck

    I thought it was the Battle of Britain for the Pooftwaffe?

    • Minicapt

      Sari/Toga for the Exquisitely Coutured.


  • When do the professional gays address the murder of homosexuals in the Middle East?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Never, because like the “feminists”, it not really about liberating gays, or emancipating woman, or the protecting the environment, or whatever their cause is, it’s about remolding our society into something more to their liking and using these ginned up causes to do that.

      • Yeah, I knew that. I was asking a rhetorical question.


  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I’ve worked with a lot of gay people.
    Mostly good people.
    I’ve seen some shitty things happen to them.
    Thirty years ago.
    That doesn’t happen so much, anymore.
    I’ve also seen them be shitty people.
    When is enough progress enough for these people?
    Yes, I said these people.
    Personal redline: Adoption.
    A child needs a mother and a father.
    To hell with La Cage Aux Folles.
    Mother, Father, Human Right.

  • roccolore

    The gay fascists are looking for the next Floyd Corkins.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Damn, no reference in my head.
      Please show me.