Journalists: your moral and intellectual yadda yadda

This probably isn’t worth a post, so I apologize preemptively. It’s just that I rarely look at print newspapers in the flesh (pulp?), as it were, anymore. It’s not a policy, it’s just habit.

Today I did have occasion to read The Globe And Mail.  This story is horrendous. It’s not that. I’m complaining about the “reporting”:

“The refugees are the remnants of the small Yazidi religious minority that fled attacks by the Islamic State, which considers the Yazidis to be apostates. The extremists had enslaved many Yazidi women, forcing them to convert and marry* Islamic State fighters.”

This piece is sourced from the New York Times, one of the most prestigious papers in the world, and not at all a semi-bankrupt source of extremely biased and unreadably tedious dreck.

Look at that one paragraph. Does the “journalist” who wrote this (Rod Nordland) even know what the word “apostate” means? If not, couldn’t he have looked it up in under 30 seconds, or had an intern do it? Does he have editors?

Any damn fool – and I mean me – knows that ISIS never considered the Yazidis “apostates”. They consider them Mushrikun, polytheists, at best. In fact they consider them Devil-worshipers. (They also consider them hawt. Yazidis are frequently blond. Blonde sex-slaves are very desirable.)

Needless to say Mushrikun are not accorded anywhere in Islam, in text or in history, even the humiliating and unreliable dhimmi rights sometimes granted Jews and Christians.

Why does a reporter (in fact the Kabul Bureau Chief) for the New York Times, assigned to this particular beat, not know that “apostate” is an actual word with a specific meaning, and a very particular significance in Islam, and is not a sloppy synonym for “infidel”? The Yazidi pre-date Islam. This is not pedantry: aggressive Islam is impossible to understand without a basic grasp of these concepts.

The world is going to hell and these arrogant leftists can’t even be bothered to use a search engine.

*BTW, Yazidi women were not forced to “marry” ISIS sub-filth. They were/are sex slaves. Koran 4:24

  • These are the same people who continually trot out the Ahmadiyya as representative if Islam, when in fact they are considered apostates by the mainstream Sunni and Shia sects.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      They also love to make no distinction what-so-ever with the Nation of Islam and mainstream Islam.
      It’s hard to tell which one makes the other look bad.
      Can you imagine what ISIS would do to a bunch of New Black Panthers?

      • El Martyachi

        Can you imagine what ISIS would do to a bunch of New Black Panthers?

        Haven’t gone there yet. I just can’t visualize what a bunch of New Black Panthers are. What ISIS would do to (a) a Pride parade, (b) an auditorium full of Womens’ studies majors, (c) the staff of the CBC .. yes – I can and do most assuredly imagine what ISIS would do to them..

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Well, you know, “marriage IS rape”, so what difference does it make?
    Survey says: “They LIE!
    Number one answer.
    Of course a NYT reporter knows such things, they merely want to minimize the atrocities by painting it more as an Islam on Islam thing.

  • just a thought

    Sorry, but I have to take issue with your characterization of the NYSlimes as “…not at all a semi-bankrupt source of extremely biased and unreadably tedious dreck.” While they have the occasional anomalous factual article, much of their material is Leftist dreck. Just for e.g., almost anything by loopy Tommy Friedman or Andrew Rivkin.

    • Everyone Else

      twas sarcasm

      • just a thought

        Oh, good. I was hoping that might have been the case.

  • Minicapt

    The NYTimes reports on the world as it needs to be seen by the elites residing on the Isle of Manhattan. If it appears to you that the NYT might be in error, that is proof positive that you are unworthy of the elite.


  • David Murrell

    The Globe and Mail will sometimes reprint New York Times swill, but only if the swill is anti-Semitic, pro-Islamist terrorist to fit the Globe s fascistic standards. Then the reprinted article will appear on the front page, above the fold. Both the NYT and the Globe support Islamist war crimes. This is the sad state of affairs today.

  • Stronger than Dirt

    This post is significant to me for two reasons: it provides a better understanding of terms and secondly it reminds me that lamestream are, by and large, lazy, corrupt and devious.