Intolerance is a Virtue

Tolerance is a virtue and intolerance is hate, or so we are told. This ideology has led to the toleration of evil. After all, who wants to be a hater? Those who condemn the evil caused by the doctrine of political Islam are called intolerant and haters.

But we must realize that intolerance of evil is a virtue.

Things to be intolerant of: killing Christians and Yazidis in the Middle East and Africa; jihad of rape, inbreeding, child marriage and female genital mutilation.

To reduce human suffering, we must all become intolerant of evil.

  • Censored_often

    Thank you, Dr. Warner, BCF, and so many others for speaking the truth about Islam.

    I am extremely intolerant of Islam and Islamism and political Islam – since the overlap is too much to cherry pick – and none of it belongs in free societies where the Rule of Law and the rights of all individuals is respected . I’m proud to be referred to as a “hater” and “Islamophobe”.

    Islam adds nothing to a modern democratic society of any value. We require tens of thousands upon thousands joining in a chorus to proclaim this truth constantly.

  • David Murrell

    What makes Bill Warner’s talks so good, is that he explicitly takes the pro-human rights point of view. And he castigates those liberals who explicitly endorse anti-human rights positions. This should be the number one tactic moving forward. We should adopt the anti-slavery tactics of the ante-bellum U.S. — and fight Islam as a moral crusade.

  • CodexCoder

    The real issue is the definition of truth. You can have 12 people in a room and 15 perspectives on what constitutes the truth about any issue, particularly as it relates to culture. And if history is not factored into the discussion (what has really happened over time), the number of positions goes up.

    • Censored_often

      There is objective truth. Your postmodern psychedelic relativism is dishonest and, more to the point, false.

      • CodexCoder

        Of course, there is objective truth and no, I am not a postmodernist – far from it. But if you have conducted discussions with the current generation, or have read their writings, the statement I made above is apt. Just look at the White House, and their inability to call Islam by its name, as an example, and the linguistic contortions they use – never the same twice – to avoid saying the word “Islam”. Look up some of my other comments on the topic of Islam, and you will see very clearly where my view of truth lies.

        • Censored_often

          Fair enough, and thanks for the elucidation. I feel that the White House all too well knows the truth about Islam and its profound threat to America and the west more generally, but they’re ideologically blindsided by a number of factors, including:

          (1) a president sliding towards the end of his second term who is ambivalent about both race and religion, to the point where subconsciously if not consciously he identifies accurately as a man of Muslim background if not a Christian profoundly influenced by Islam; and regarding race he is affected and again ambivalent due to his bi-racial heritage (Remember him having a pint of Guinness in Northern Ireland with a seventh cousin? *gasp* );

          (2) embracing the Muslim Brotherhood and refusing to acknowledge this grave error;

          (3) attempting to “undo” so much American foreign policy of previous administrations, especially under George W. Bush;

          (4) universities have been turned into cultural Marxist lefty indoctrination centres.

          Anyhow, I am pleased you are not a relativist. Cheers.

  • Alain

    Both intolerance and discrimination are necessary in a healthy individual. If one does not discriminate against danger and risk, one cannot expect a long life. The same applies to a nation. It is imperative to show intolerance to evil and to discriminate against that which endangers us.