Dudley man jailed for pro-Jihad letters in touch with Abu Hamza and killers of Lee Rigby

Unemployed Usman Choudhary also had an image of a man holding up a decapitated head on his mobile phone and de-faced images of the Queen.

But, due to the amount of time the 34-year-old has already spent behind bars, he was set to be freed last night.

Detectives found more than 500 letters sent to and written by Choudhary when they raided his home in the Black Country. The list read like a Who’s Who of murderers and hard-line clerics held behind bars in the UK and US – including the killers of Lee Rigby and radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza.

Choudary – whose father, Ghulam is the ex-chairman of Dudley Central Mosque – had carefully filed and indexed all the correspondence, along with details of £14,000 of cash gifts sent by him to some of the inmates. It is unclear where the money came from.