Canada: ‘Day of Pink’ teaches school kids to accept homosexuality, critic warns

Children across Canada are being asked to wear a pink shirt to school tomorrow on the “Day of Pink” to “celebrate diversity” and end “bullying, discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, and transmisogyny.” While lauding efforts to end bullying in school, one critic is warning parents that the event is not actually about bullying.

“The Day of Pink is simply an excuse to promote homosexuality,” Gwen Landolt, national vice-president of Real Women of Canada, told LifeSiteNews.

School principals in some jurisdictions are telling parents through a letter sent home with their children that the Day of Pink, which happens annually on the second Wednesday in April, will include “discussions surrounding different types of families, identities, gender roles, homophobia and trans-phobia”…


  • Clausewitz

    I wore black today in honour of the death of our founding cultures.

  • mobuyus

    I find all this forced gayness really queer.

  • Local Yokel

    There is nothing gay about Pink Day.

    I too had my doubts when I first heard the I’m Spanish theme song mandated by the Ontario Premier for this day but my local MPP says I just completely misunderstood it and none of this has anything to do with a special agenda.

    It’s only about teaching young children to play in a governmentally approved manner.

  • ontario john

    Of course Wynne is celebrating Pink Day according to the media that supports her, no matter what she does. After all, she doesn’t worry about anything else.

    • Digger Dan

      She could have popped in to the police station for the little anticipated interview over Delete – Delete – Delete or no, was it the Sudbury scandal, Gas plants, orgasm, panscam, or the swindle of historical proportion, the Solid Gold scandal?

  • Ron MacDonald

    There will be a backlash against special interest groups.

    • El Martyachi


  • Dana Garcia

    Diversity is now pink? Liberal gays are masters of appropriating.

  • Ed

    Don’t doubt for a minute that the “invitation” is also about seeing how much the activists can get away with. This is a major trial balloon. If the kids show up in an ocean of pink they’ll get down to business with the next provocation.

  • Mal

    I hope that I would’ve sent my kids in with white shirts that said “Celebrating Diversity of Thought and Opinion” or “Raising Awareness of ‘Diversity’-Bullies”.

  • Alain

    Another example of indoctrination replacing education. This has absolutely nothing to do with the mandate of schools. If I still had school age children neither my boys or girls would go wearing pink.

  • tom_billesley

    Does the pink shirt come with a pointy pink hood with eye-holes?

  • Gary

    And they wonder why they are hated so much. The homofascists were always in society but because of genetics they never became the majority , so the best way to get the same power as the majority came about when useful idiots like Barbara Hall granted the sexual preference equal status to a Race.
    Now we have the islamofascists and homofascists imposing their perceptions of reality on the 90% via thought control and Financial Terrorism to ruin lives and businesses.

    • Alain

      Correction: the blame lies with the judicial activists who added sexual orientation as a protected category in spite of the fact that the framers of the charter purposely excluded it. This is not a defence of Trudeau’s charter which has done nothing but damage, nor is t a defence of any of the Stalinist tribunals called HRCs nor Hall.

  • DMB
    • Frau Katze

      I think they’ve passed Muslims.

  • Gaylord Ponce

    I’m glad they’re promoting the homo agenda and I hope they do it more often. The majority of people are of the “go along to get along” ilk. Continuing to shove this homo shit down their throats will eventually end in a backlash as, like too much booze or food, eventually these folks are gonna puke. I used to be a live and let live guy but after being told I had to do more and “celebrate” them, I said fuck it. I’m sick and tired of their shit.

  • Digger Dan

    In honor of Pink Shirt Day
    Ps. Premier Wynne come clean on the Solid Gold scandal, then resign.
    A government swindle and coverup of historical proportion

  • Why pink? Is that a girl’s blouse colour or something?

    Of course.

    Lousy group-think….

  • mauser 98

    Native American tribes ban gay marriage!!

    Months before the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the issue of gay
    marriage, Native American tribes have taken steps to defend traditional
    Eleven tribes with a total membership approaching a million people will not recognize same-sex marriages.
    Just weeks after North Carolina began issuing marriage licenses to
    gay couples, the state’s Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians updated its
    law to prevent gay couples from having marriage ceremonies on tribal land
    Tribes that don’t recognize same-sex marriage include the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and the Navajo Nation.

  • WalterBannon

    aka keep your kids home day, aka run over a teacher day

  • Edubeat

    I just pssed the Rt.Hon Sir Benjamin Levin dressed in a pink shirt , carrying a copy of the new sexed curriculum and a big smile on his face. Must know something I don’t!

  • granny47

    I wish more parents were willing to pull their children out of the public cess pools!

  • wallyj180

    I had to look up ‘ transmisogyny’.

    Apparently it a subset mix of transphobia and misogyny that gives more victim status to this ‘special’ group.
    The women who switched over to become men are not included, they are just regular victims. They are excluded because of their male privilege, or something like that.