American, Afghan killed in firefight between Afghan and NATO soldiers

Afghan civil order policemen stand guard at the gate of a provincial governor’s office in Jalalabad April 8, 2015. REUTERS/PARWIZ

(Reuters) – An American soldier and an Afghan soldier were killed when a firefight broke out between Afghan and NATO coalition forces at a compound where a senior U.S. diplomat met a provincial governor in eastern Afghanistan, police and U.S. sources said.

A handful of others from both sides were wounded in the shooting, which erupted shortly after the diplomat left the compound aboard a helicopter, according to U.S. and Afghan sources.

The NATO soldiers involved in the incident were American, according to Afghan police, and had been leaving the venue to return to Camp Gamberi in east Afghanistan where they were stationed.

NATO issued a statement saying one of its soldiers had been killed, without divulging the nationality, though a U.S. source told Reuters that the dead soldier was American and two Americans had been wounded in the clash…