The UN Is Bothered By the Palestinian Refugee Crisis in Syria

That might have something to do with ISIS and was the UN aware that ISIS has been murdering Christians?

Oh, right- it doesn’t care:

Palestinian fighters clashed with Islamic State militants in a heavily contested Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital on Monday as a United Nations official described the situation in the embattled camp as “beyond inhumane.”

The fighting in Yarmouk began Wednesday after the Islamic State group muscled into the camp, marking the extremists’ deepest foray yet into Damascus. The heavy clashes that have raged since then have added yet another layer of misery for up to 18,000 Yarmouk residents who have already endured desperate conditions marked by a lack of basic food, medicine and water.

The deteriorating situation prompted the U.N. Security Council to call an emergency meeting Monday to discuss Yarmouk and receive a closed-door videoconference briefing by the head of the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees, Pierre Krahenbuhl, who called the humanitarian situation in the camp “completely catastrophic.”

We don’t have to fund the UN.

  • The Goat

    Defund yesterday.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Let the Middle East take care of its own.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    These are trying times for U.N. anti-Semites.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Dear ‘palestinian refugees’;

    Fuck off and die in a radioactive fireball

    Everyone on the planet

  • luna

    The upside to “leading from behind”.

  • marty_p

    Toronto Star and Crescent was flipping out today about poor Pally refugees in Syria. I expect over the next few days we’ll be subject to a nauseating editorial campaign in the Star that Harper and the Conservatives are evil for not letting every Pally that wants to come to Canada in. We should ready the welfare cheque printers and ready the Toronto Community Housing apartments.
    If they were all legitimate refugees and were expelled from Israel in 1948 – most would be senior citizens by now. Instead we get pictures of poor refugee children….they aren’t refugees – as they were not expelled because they didn’t exist in 1948!

    • Alain

      They never ever met the UN’s own definition of refugees. It has been and continues to be probably the biggest UN hoax, and the West continues funding it. Go figure.