Pianist says Toronto performance cancelled over Ukraine comments

Ukrainian-born pianist Valeninta Lisitsa has been barred from playing at Canada’s Toronto Symphony Orchestra for comments she has made on social media regarding the situation in her birth country.

Lisitsa — a Russian who was born in the Ukraine — has written about “atrocities” that have occurred during the civil war against the Russian minority ​in the Ukraine.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    And she’s likely right as BOTH sides have committed some pretty atrocious activities. That’s not to say they are both morally culpable to the same degree, but this censorship that is allowed to occur under the guise of “feelings” will be what ushers in real neo-fascism.

    • Alain

      It already is full blown fascism. Dare to disagree with the narrative of the day and all hell breaks loose.

  • Poor girl. I will have to consoler her.

    • Frau Katze

      Hmmm… That doesn’t sound like what she has in mind…

  • winniec

    I disagree with the censorship. However, speaking out comes with a price. At the moment, Canada’s official policy is to support Ukraine, but we should not support their wrong doing. The perpetrators obviously should be tried.

  • Waffle

    Well, if we’re not going to hear her do the Rachmaninoff at the TSO, at least we can listen to it here:


    • Ghost of Ed

      Sounds terrific. And she looks much better in a pant suit than Hillary.

  • David Murrell

    I think we can all agree that forcing the girl off stage is morally wrong. But yet, she is siding with the Vladimir Putin invasion, which is sure to rankle the pro-Ukrainian side (the pro-democracy side) here in Canada.

    CBC News — a news agency avowedly supporting dictatorships and human-rights abuse overseas — is playing this up for all its worth. CBC Radio’s Carol Off — a person who has long supported Soviet-styled totalitarianism in Eastern Europe — interviewed the pro-Russian pianist yesterday.

    And here, CBC News is all up in arms because the woman pianist’s replacement (Stuart Goodyear), was forced to step down because of nasty comments on social media:

    So this is neat: an African-Canadian pianist is hounded into stepping down (nasty, nasty the CBC says, given his skin colour), yet it is the angry pro-Russian, left-wing crowd who is hounding him!