Mike Duffy trial: “To call it a media horde would be an understatement”

Brian Lilley reports for TheRebel.media:

Before he became a senator, Mike Duffy was a household name as a veteran broadcaster.

He is now facing over 30 charges of alleged fraud and breach of trust related to expenses and consulting contracts. Duffy has entered a plea of innocent.

Lilley says this trial by judge in Ottawa will be a “circus.” Those expected to appear in court include TheRebel.media’s Ezra Levant, who has been called as a witness.

Mike Duffy an ‘extorted person’ in $90,000 deal with Nigel Wright, his lawyer says

  • cmh

    I still think the Jihad Ghomeshi media fracas was better…..

    • Jan Morrissy

      Hard to beat the Ghomeshi fracas. Mike Duffy’s might be a bit boring (good for him) plus it has no… spice 🙂

    • Way better;)

      • andycanuck

        Except Mr Big Ears would never pad an expense account!

  • andycanuck

    Only to the Left could Duffy not repaying the $90,000 out of his own pocket so that taxpayers didn’t lose a penny on this be an issue.

    BTW, any news about the Liberal senator accused of sexual assault? Sorry but I can’t remember his name it got so little coverage; then again, I can’t recall if it’s “Mac Harb” or “Harb Mac” either for the same reason.

    • Minicapt

      1. Mac Harb is probably protected because he is a Liberal from Lebanon.
      2. Colin Kenny was the one with touchy-feeling problems.


      • andycanuck

        Thank you, Minicapt. “Kenny” sounds familiar now because at the time I thought of the South Park Kenny and associated jokes. Maybe I’ll remember it better this time?

  • ontario john

    Oh my God, I can’t turn on the tv without non stop Duffy. The media is in a tizzy to link this with the conservatives as part of their election campaign to get shiny pony elected. They even had an interview on ctv with the latest Harper is evil book by some nobody.

    • WalterBannon

      have not turned on the (broadcast) tv for a few years now

      • Justin St.Denis

        Six years here. 😉

  • Kathleen Wynne had e-mails deleted and her friend is a convicted child pornographer.

    Carry on.

  • DMB

    The Benjamin Levin trial got no were near the media publicity as does the Mike Duffy trial. Typical left wing MSM bias since they are hoping this will bring down the Harper government which I predict will not happen or hurt the Harper government. For the MSM the sexual abuse of young children is not as important as the fudging of expensive’s by a Conservative Senator.

    • WalterBannon

      being a child molester is OK according to the liberal media, but being a conservative who cheats on his expenses, well that is a capital crime. Cheating on your expense is however good, if you work for ehealth and are a friend of Wynne.

  • barryjr

    Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin both ex respected journalists. Add this to the Rolling Stone garbage makes you wonder about the trade.

  • DD_Austin

    “To call it a media horde would be an understatement”
    So call it what it is… a Media whore or a horde of whores hunting a whore
    and Duffy is that, a CBC whore, then a PC whore. and he isn’t alone
    They are all whores, Wallen. Mansbridge, Clarkson, etc…

  • Stronger than Dirt

    If only Duffy and the rest had devised a plan to cheat taxpayers and mismanage $$Billions$$ in Ontario… .sigh