Iranian cleric: Ban ‘Islamophobic’ video games to stop radicalisation

A senior Iranian cleric who acted as a peace broker over the Salman Rushdie affair has said that Britain should outlaw “Islamophobic” films and video games if it wants to prevent its Muslim youngsters becoming radicalised…

…In an interview with The Telegraph, Dr Safavi said that no young Muslim should try to join Isil, which he denounced as a “terrorist” organisation.

But he insisted that one of the motivations for those who did so was a sense of “discrimination’ in which films and video games were allowed to promote “Islamophobia”.

He did not mention specific examples, but recent films such as “American Sniper”, about the life of a US marksman in Iraq, have been accused inciting hatred against Muslims. Similar complaints have been made against video games such as Call of Duty, which feature scenarios closely based on coalition military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“In the Western media be it in films, games or news, Muslims and Islam are constantly associated with terrorism, violence and backwardness, they are constantly portrayed as the “other” to the white European or American and in constant conflict with it,” said Dr Safavi…

Let’s tell lies to make the Muslims feel better. Great solution. Very Islamic, though.